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Body Engineers and Gymshark Leggings – Which One is For You?

Sometimes, new workout gear can motivate you to hop in your car and drive to the gym. In this post, sparking my motivation was my excuse to buy two new workout leggings. I figured I could compare Body Engineers against the famous Gymshark leggings.

Though I initially purchased from both brands with a competitive intention, it turns out that I love them both. Additionally, it seemed where one legging lacked, the other one made up for it.

With a wide variety of workout leggings in the market, it can be daunting to choose a place to shop. Gymshark has been all the rave on social media (especially Instagram and Youtube). But once Instagram noticed me snooping around the Gymshark site, the platform started showing me advertisements for other workout brands like Body Engineers.

Since both brands had leggings near the same price, I thought I would buy one of each and compare the 1.) Design, 2.) Usability, and 3.) Durability.

Workout leggings

The Design

Body Engineers’ geometric patterned sets called to me. My budget could only account for one $50 item so I chose their Cleopatra Seamless High Waist Leggings in orange because of the super high-waist feature and contouring benefits.

Alternatively, Gymshark had honed-in on the multiple-holes design that is sweeping the workout legging fashion. Like Body Engineers, Gymshark’s seamless legging has a high waistband to go with their gorgeous, sky-blue color. Though the waistband is not as high nor as tight, it still had potential.

Workout legging detail

Both leggings are different in style because I wanted to test which style I preferred. In terms of shaping my body, I preferred Body Engineers. The contouring design was much more flattering than GymShark on my body. For someone who isn’t a toned bodybuilder, I need all the help I can get. Alternatively, Gymshark leggings relied on its seam for shape; but is not enough unless you already have the peaches.

However, every time I wore the GymShark leggings to the gym, I got endless compliments on them. The color, design, and Light-weight fabric makes Gymshark a valuable and favorite addition to my sportswear collection.


Both pants passed the squat test! To preface – I do not wear underwear when I wear leggings to work out.

I find wearing underwear with workout gear uncomfortable because of how the underwear packs unwanted moisture in the nun area versus just letting that whole area breathe.

Also, after running and lifting, I did not spot any sweat stains with either legging.

Body Engineers’ waistband is made by the gods! It compresses your belly (Favorite feature) to help you engage your abs which I sorely missed with the Gymshark leggings. Additionally, the Body Engineers leggings are a thicker material than Gymshark which is useful for cold weather.

Gymshark leggings aren’t as thick, but they are still thicker than some cheaper brands out there. I can easily see me wear them even in the summer. I was very impressed with the breathability and ultimate softness of these Gymshark leggings. I almost didn’t want to take them off as they cling silkily to me. The lighter material was much more breathable than Body Engineers as well!

Waistband comparison


After two washes, both leggings are still good as new! Keep in mind that I wash these leggings on delicate and then hang to dry. I predict that Body Engineers will last longer just because the material is thicker than Gymshark’s; however, only time will tell.

I have to mention that if you are “environmentally woke,” I am impressed with Body Engineers as they use sustainable materials like a Prometheus Bamboo blend in factories providing safe and fair working conditions.

The bottom line is that both leggings make me feel confident to walk into the gym. Not only are they cute, but make your body look it’s best, if not comfortable. Whether it be Gymshark or Body Engineers, I hope this review helped you decide which is best for you.

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