The Ultimate Booty-Lifting Body Shaper

I have come to terms with the fact that I cannot get away with going commando with bodycon-type clothing. I have tried to put off this reality for as long as I could. However, after I kept spotting a distinct and apparent shadow underneath my gut, I had to face the facts. Because of this, I have been in search for the ultimate booty-lifting body shaper.

When I was 17, I never had to exercise to stay skinny. I fluctuated beneath 100 lbs and ate at Papa Johns every weekend. It is crazy to think how I thought I was chunky – little did I know!

I am not ashamed of my body – though I will admit, I am tough on it. But that is a whole other blog for another day. I want to feel confident no matter what I want to wear. Though my body has changed, my attraction to showing off curves remains the same. Read below to find out how I think I have found the holy grail of body-shaping intimates.

Finding the ultimate booty-lifting body shaper

I have tried on a lot of big box store brands. All of them do one thing that makes me put it back on the rack – flatten my butt! As I mentioned in a previous blog, I already do not have much back there; so I need all the help I can get. Finding one with a bum lifter was the requirement.

Then I stumbled upon Yahaira’s body shapers.

I chose one with a high waist, so my tummy can look seamless underneath my dresses and jumpsuits. I sometimes wear bottoms with a high slit, so I also wanted one with a short leg length.

This is the first time I find shapewear focused on controlling all the right places without sacrificing shape. Yahaira’s body shaper snatches in my stomach. Additionally, she implemented silicone sticky bits to keep the garment from rolling up or down on your body. It is a very well-thought design.

Long gone are the desires to hide your junk in your trunk. Yahaira’s body shapers understand that. Women want to lift and show off their figure – not hide them. Her implementation of a bum lifter is genius. I am surprised more brands haven’t caught on – especially in our current pop culture.

One feature that is also beneficial is the bra strap hooks. In addition to the sticky rubber bits, you can hook the top of the shapewear to your bra. The hooks are an excellent feature as it guarantees to prevent your body shaper from slipping on your body. I didn’t demonstrate this since I wore a sports bra for more coverage for this shoot. But I will certainly try it when I wear other outfits.

Worth the Price?

The price tag is hefty. However, there are no other shapewears out there that perform the same and have a bum lifter like Yahaira’s; it is certainly worth investing in at least one.

Yahaira has a variety of different body shapers in her collection. All of which center around accentuating curves such as her bum lifter which I am all here for!

The Yahaira’s shapewear lays smoothly underneath my bodycon dresses. I liked how it had a pee-hole because let me tell you, putting this puppy on is NOT easy. You will struggle to do #2. The garment is not only tiny, but it is also fragile. You must be careful not to puncture the bum area that consists of thin mesh material.

Overall, I highly recommend giving this body shaper a try. You can really tell Yahaira understood what women needed that was lacking in the market. Her success is only going to grow as she continues to create products that women can relate to.

I hope this review helped you consider this brand. Yahaira’s prices may increase as the brand grows; therefore, I am glad to have bought it. I couldn’t resist reviewing it as I feel like you guys would want to know this as well. I recommend it, and I will wear it this summer!


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