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Let Them Live – Getting Past Society’s Negativity

One thing that I do not understand in this world is why society won’t let individuals just make decisions for themselves. If a person wants to spend all their money at a club or traveling the world, how does that affect your pockets? If people want to get a boob job or become muscle heads, so what? Whether it be religion, politics, or just having control issues, I do not understand why groups deem it their job to tell other people what to do and think. Let them live.

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If there is one thing I have learned, it is not to let others dictate your life. Though some may have your best interest at heart, it is neither their place nor their right to tell you what you should be doing. I question everything.

Had I listened to my co-workers at my first corporate job, I would have been part of a massive layoff a year later. Had I stayed at my last position, I would have become severely depressed because of my work bully. You and no one else can only make decisions for your life.

After all, you are the one that has to live it. You are the one that has to face all consequences. Little do you know, those same people telling you not to leave a company, are the same ones that have their own plans to move. Don’t let society’s negativity dictate your decisions.

FashionNova Mauve Bodycon

The pushback

Recently, I wanted to change my hair color to Auburn. My co-workers caught wind of this. The male coworker insisted that I try it on an app first before I went through with it. I told him I wasn’t interested and yet he persisted in mentioning it not once – but several times in that same conversation.

Why did he feel the need to push that onto me? Did he think I wouldn’t look right? Was he genuinely trying to look out for me in case I hated it? Maybe, it was a little of all of that.

Regardless, I just wanted him to sit down and shut up.

I have come face to face with society’s negativity a gazillion times in my adult years. I used to let it scare me away from taking risks. However, I noticed that the more I stay determined and follow through, eventually, people followed suit. Now isn’t that funny?

FashionNova Mauve Bodycon

Let them follow

Long, long ago in a galaxy far away, I got a bad haircut. So bad, I kept crying about it until I found a picture that inspired me to chop it ALL off. Close people told me it was too soon for me to cut off my hair because it would age me. But with my husband’s constant support for whatever I want, he encouraged me to go through with it – and I did.

At first, it was an adjustment, and I was shocked at my new look. However, over time, my haircut got lots of attention followed by lots of compliments. The same people who told me not to do it ended up asking for pictures to reference so their hairstylist could give them the same look!

That is when I noticed, the power of just doing what you want despite society’s negativity.

Additionally, it is important to understand that power and let others feel their power as well. That karma alone will provide you so much freedom in your life. Let them live!

FashionNova Mauve Bodycon

The haters

After years of living with that same short cut, I decided I wanted to grow my hair out so I can curl and do other creative looks.

I knew the process was going to be arduous. I went from fabulous to an elf, and then to awkward until I started to retain a comfortable length. To help with the awkward stages, I bought a wig and dubbed it -Victoria. The long, gorgeous, Remy hair made me feel like Victoria’s Secret angel. I wore that wig for about a year until I had enough of it.

When I stopped wearing Victoria, a family member told me they were glad I stopped because they didn’t care for it. As harmless as that might have seemed to her to say to me, I did think that was a “nice” comment. To me, it was rudeness disguised as a compliment.

What does it matter to her as long as I felt good? Why even tell me after the fact when it wasn’t going to change the past? Unless I asked for it, it wasn’t her place to say that to me.

The moral of the story goes, LET THEM LIVE and so should you. If you identify and want something, don’t let others deter you. When these same people see the success that follows you, they will tap your shoulder for advice. You may fail and hate your experiments, but as long as you pick yourself up and try something else, you will eventually get it right!

The OOTD Breakdown

This FashionNova bodycon is a must have in your closet. It is elegant and sexy. The color is neutral but flattering. Wear it with butt-lifting shapewear, and you will notice you feel like a Kardashian or Spanish Royalty.

Bauble Earrings

I decided on wearing earrings that weren’t so elegant because I didn’t want to feel overdone – like I was going to prom or something. Plus, I think these palm earrings (I previously wore with a pink suit) are so fun and provide a different vibe to the whole ensemble.

I found these shoes, though a little big on me, at Rack Room shoes. I always find something to my liking there and found these ultra comfortable, kitty heeled, open-toe shoes. I needed a neutral pair so bad in my wardrobe and I wanted something comfortable that I could wear all night. Stilettos are sexy; I get it. But how much fun will I really have if I can’t walk back to my car or hotel room?

Rack room sandals

Hope this blog post helped you fight back against society’s negativity. Make your own decisions. As long as you accept failures along with your successes, you will not have any regrets.


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