Indulge in an All You Can Eat Smock Shirt

I really didn’t know what to write about this week. Therefore, I decided to tell you how I met this gorgeous, smock top. This ruffle blouse is a great way to indulge at any barbeque, all-you-can-eat, or any heavy-carb event. In this top, you do not have to worry about that belly bloat at all!

While making my way to the Trader Joes entrance, I noticed a clothing rack. It was sitting outside of Bevello boutique underneath an orange-red sign: Sale.

My curiosity hit and I b-lined my way over. Last time I looked at Bevello’s sale, I was astounded at the “marked down” numbers — $300 marked down to $100 for just a simple shirt. From then on, I knew that my bank account was no match.

But on this particular day, I decided to sneak another peek at the price tags; I am once again surprised. This time the tags read $20 and $30. Maybe I can afford this place, I thought, and then pranced into the store.

After a saleswoman immediately greeted me, I spotted a vibrant fabric folded on display at the front of the store. There was one left and in MY size – medium. I picked up the item and noticed the layers of ruffles and smock texture.

These ruffles would allow me leeway for eating a whole plate of spaghetti without anyone noticing it on my body. Automatically, the idea made it feel like an instant winner; but I had to try it on to make sure!

I carried the ruffle blouse around the store to ensure there weren’t any other goodies I needed to try on. Once in the fitting room, I put on the smock shirt and loved how it just fell into place.

I glanced at the tag to look at the price and realized the store had labeled it as a skirt!

At first, I hesitated. I already knew wearing it as a skirt was not my style. But who said I HAVE to wear it as a skirt? Lightning won’t strike me if I wore it as a top; so I bought it. Especially since I have had many wonderful smock pieces in the past. I could not pass this one up.

Before this shoot, I indulged at a local crepe restaurant. After stuffing my face with delicious, cheesy, sun-dried tomato crepes, I still felt beautiful thanks to the smock shirt!

I couldn’t find anything on Bevello’s website that swore to upholding any ethical and environmental standards. Therefore, I cannot vouch that Bevollo’s merchandise is green.

On another note, even though a couple of years old, these high-waist American Eagle jeggings have been a godsend. The brand has a lot of charitable pull and their jeans are one of the best in the affordable market.

The ruffle blouse is made by a company called BNDI. There are three different colors and patterns in the same style you can get…

As for the jewelry, I got both necklaces from my Chloe and Isabel days. I love the layering necklaces trend so I thought I would give it a go with this look.

I got the heels from Rack Room Shoes – whom no longer carries this item. However, the store holds lots of the brand Xappele if you want to check out other options at an affordable price. I recently bought some heels from there as well!

Don’t you all just love those tops that make you feel confident no matter what you enjoy? Everyone needs a little something in their drawer that helps them indulge in what makes life worth living. Don’t you agree?


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