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The True Impact of Cheap Clothes

When I started writing content for Earth day, I did not predict that my research would change the way I looked at my clothes. My priority has always been centered around cheap clothes and celebrating curvy bodies. Little did I know I was supporting companies that do more harm than good.

In honor of Earth day, my initial intention was to create a post or two about recycling through thrifting. But I ended up discovering something massive and much more concerning.

If any of you know me personally, you would know that I have a kinship with animals. To protect the creatures of our planet, we need to protect the environment. Thus, I have made long-term choices to reduce my carbon footprint, which includes turning Pescatarian. Though not the most perfect solution, it is one I can adhere to in my lifestyle.

However, once I started to learn about fast fashion, it was evident I had more to change in my life – including Mi Style Su Style.

Pact t-shirt

The cost of cheap clothes

The True Cost documentary really helped me realize how bad the fashion industry is. It showed how fast fashion is the #2 contributor to the world’s pollution (after oil).

In the 1960s, the United States created all of their clothes. Now, the US imports 97% of our garments overseas. Because we demand cheaper clothes, companies have to go outside the country to meet that demand.

Additionally, because we do not hold these corporations accountable, we have changed the landscape of fashion production; not in the right way.

Our overconsumption for fast fashion comes at a cost. To cut costs, women in Asia have to work in unfathomable conditions. These conditions include working in unstable buildings that end up collapsing and killing people.

Other conditions include producing garments with harsh chemicals that seep into the soil, water, and air. The pollution thus affects the health of the population with cancers, congenital disabilities, and more.

Additionally, women primarily work in the garment factory and get only $1-3 for a whole day’s work. The women working in these conditions have held strikes. But they have been met with brutality by the factory owners or the government. If their government cannot protect them, then who will?

Pact tee

The new intention for Mi Style Su Style

As I uncover more information about the true cost of producing cheap clothing, I will share what I find; including ways to counteract the demand that fuels the industry.

It is astonishing how our world is changing. It is time to stop seeking our worth in the ability to consume. As Mi Style Su Style evolves, I hope you all are onboard and change with me.

This is my new passion and my new commitment to the world. I can share the knowledge so we can all join together and fight for a better world. Who’s with me?!

Pact t-shirt

The OOTD breakdown

With my new intention set out for Mi Style Su Style, I have made my first purchase toward sustainable clothing. I have been in the need for regular tees for the longest time. However, I could not find any that I liked.

I purchased some T-shirts from Boohoo but they felt like sandpaper, shrunk too fast, and are see-through. I am already ready to donate them which is an indicator of the downside of fast fashion. People are buying cheap clothes to end up discarding them as fast as they bought them creating unnecessary waste.

With PACT, I was able to find the best basics at an affordable price! This organic cotton v-neck, t-shirt is exactly the quality I have been searching for. No, it is not $5 but it was worth the $20 price tag.


The PACT t-shirt is crazy soft, fits perfectly as it tapers in around the waste, and more importantly – is not see through. I can already tell, that with the perfect fit comes longevity. It is great for those days where you just want to throw something on and head to the store.

Alternatively, you can dress it up by tucking it into a pair of jeans and layering a statement necklace on top. There are so many useful ways to style this tee, it is not even funny!

This particular PACT shirt saved 16.6 gallons of water. Additionally, there is little to no pollution going back into the environment so you can feel even better about the purchases you make with them!

Keep in mind that they take a bit to process a transaction and only charge when they ship their items. So if you are short on cash, keep that in mind!


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