3 Powerful Ways Women Can Evoke Change via Shopping

No matter where you sit on the politically-charged spectrum, it is clear that no matter where you live, women are always second in line. Whether you want to admit it or not, despite the progress made, we have much more to fight for. All around the world, there is evidence that women are pushing for their rights. Did you know that there are three powerful ways women can evoke change via shopping?

Men and women around the world are fighting for the cause. After all, it takes all of us to change any social climate.

For example, during the Kavanaugh hearings, Jeremy Scott (designer for MOSCHINO) made fashionable statements that sided with victims of violence; rather than their offenders. Dame Viv, fashion designer for Vivienne Westwood, displays her climate change activism on the runway. She has sent models to strut her attire with old plastic bottles strapped to their feet.

As comforting as it is to have celebs support the cause, we must not rely on them. As women, no matter the color, we have more power than society lets you think. It all starts with who you surround yourself with and the change in your bank account.

Why women?

Since women constitute one-half of the world’s population but do two-thirds of the world’s work (according to UNESCO), women only earn one-tenth of the world’s income and own one-hundredth of the world’s property – including land.

We; females, have a distinct and powerful position to improve human and economic states while advocating for our planet’s natural environment. But without meeting equality standards, women in many countries end up on the wrong side of capitalism.

Women in these third-world countries have governments that won’t protect it’s own people. This causes many women in Asia end up having to live without access to education, healthcare, technology, and more.

But fear not, there are ways we can uplift and supercharge #girlpower at home and around the planet. Below are three powerful ways women can evoke change via shopping:

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01 | Sit down and learn

The more research you do, the more you will notice how corporations and organizations fool you. Everywhere we turn, our systems and commerce are sending misleading information that makes you think you are doing enough. Whether it is American Eagle or Lulu’s greenwashing or the fact that only 9% of items placed in the recycling bin actually get recycled, the truth gets covered up.

Despite that realization, do not get discouraged. Keep recycling and reduce your waste. Something is better than absolute nothing. With knowledge comes action. Google is your best friend. There are a ton of resources out there from people that care and want to help you.

02 | Make Ethical Decisions

Especially in the United States, the dollar says more of a statement than any protest, petition, and other activist projects. The more we withhold our cash and spend it on items and brands that align with our principles, the more companies will take note to listen. Why? Because it is all about the money!

For example, Walmart is planning to open vet clinics in their facilities because millennials are known to spend a lot on their pets. It is a growing, money-making industry Walmart wants a cut in. Now, imagine what would happen if we all started a wave of not buying cheap-ass, short-term items. What would that say to Walmart and other big box stores?

We have to keep these bigger entities accountable. Since ethical brands are not as readily available, we will have to think about where our resources come from. Sustainable and ethical shopping will mean more work, less play, and significant investments.

Until sustainability is more mainstream, this is the cost of telling commerce what we will invest in. That is why making more ethical choices is one of the three powerful ways women can evoke change via shopping.

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03 | Start Caring

If you are reading this blog, chances are you care about something. Whether it is child labor, the environment, animal cruelty, or abusive working standards, the bottom line is always that – you care.

If you are a real feminist or anyone of color, you have to start analyzing where your dollar goes. What are your values? What will you not support? How far are you willing to go for convenience?

All of these questions matter as they determine what change are you willing to make. It may feel futile when it seems like it is just you sacrificing; especially when the people in your circle don’t care and indulge. But it is up to you to join and educate others about the movement. Group every one person together out of every circle of apathetic beings in the world and think about what all those people can accomplish!

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I hope these tips on three powerful ways women can evoke change via shopping helps you think about what you are willing to fight for. Would you still buy that checkered crop top from Forever21 if you care about child labor? Will you purchase a Target bathing suit if it releases tiny plastic particles into the ocean? Is that Amazon skirt really worth having a woman give birth to a deformed baby because her poisonous working conditions?

No matter what the cause, your money speaks volumes.

What do you think your closet says about you?


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