Transitioning to a Sustainable Lifestyle Checkpoint

Three weeks ago I transitioned this blog’s focus from fast fashion to pursuing a sustainable lifestyle. I have tossed any brand that supports unfair trade, exacerbates pollution, and supports any unethical practices. Additionally, I replaced certain products with low-waste options and upped my thrifting game whenever my shopping urges kick in.

The video below outlines how I feel after around a month of seeking to improve my carbon footprint and waste. It hasn’t been easy but alternatively, it has not been that hard either.

There is still so much more to learn! Watch below to find out how I feel in my journey in transitioning to a sustainable lifestyle.

I am also pursuing a low-waste lifestyle which is actually harder when your partner isn’t has concerned as you are about producing so much trash. But alas, it takes time to change your life so I couldn’t expect him to turn his world upside down. I just recently got him to stop using plastic bags when he does groceries on his own.

Sustainable lifestyle does not happen overnight just like a diet overhaul or exercise – it takes time. I have more passion about the planet so I drop habits quicker than the average person; however, I do have my weaknesses. Just like everybody else, transitioning to a sustainable lifestyle involves much more than just stopping to use certain products. Instead, it involves a lot more consciousness of understanding and accepting what it is we are truly buying into.

You should not trust any politician; so why trust any product you buy? Do the research because it may have more of an impact on your life than you think.

As I learn more, I feel the urgency to share my findings on what to do about it. If you are interested on how I am changing my life, subscribe to this blog and Youtube channel!


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