Elevate Home with 3 Benefits from Indoor Plants

I never thought in my wildest dreams that plants would excite me. Makes me wonder if turning 30 strikes an ecological clock. Instead of giving into my instincts of buying alcohol, I am making more trips to Home Depot’s nursery.

Luckily for me, there is a whole millennial obsession with green leafy beings, so I am not alone. As natural sceneries morph into concrete high rises, a hungry trend is arising amongst the younger generations. People are starting to crave a connection to nature – thus the indoor plant frenzy! Why? Because you can elevate your home with the following three benefits from indoor plants.

Nobody’s child Two Piece

Jazz Up Your Mental Strength

Technically, plants contribute to a lot of different components of mental health. One of which is improving your level on the happiness scale – especially if you live in the city. Maybe it tricks your mind into thinking you are outdoors.

If you suffer from anxiety or depression, indoor plants provide a therapeutic essence to your lifestyle. Taking the time to water and fertilize your leafy friends is a rewarding experience.

Especially, when you start to witness its growth. It allows you take a step away from our human troubles and back into the natural order of the world.

Lastly, you will boost your creativity, learning, and productivity levels when flowering plants are around. Because indoor plants have a calming effect, it allows your brain room to roam. It is like dropping a bag of weight off your shoulders. Over time, you can focus and the sight and smell of your greenery is enough to evoke positive and creative feelings.

Nobody’s child Two Piece

Clean Up Your Air

I just found out that dryer sheets give off so many chemicals that if your car gave off the same amount of toxins, it would fail an inspection test? That is scary!

Now imagine what else is in your house that could poison you! It is unacceptable the amount of crap we have allowed companies to sneak into our everyday lives. The air in your home should not be more harmful than outside.

Because pollutants find their way into your home (especially if you have pets) and have a hard time finding their ass out the door, you are more likely to get sick from all the bacteria and viruses that stick around.

Thus the second of the three benefits from indoor plants. Plants can balance your home’s air by removing overstaying pollutants, leaving you with fresher, safer, and cleaner air.

That is why hospitals lack a sense of welcoming spirit. Even when someone is having a baby, the facility reeks of death and sickness. People are desperate to return home, away from sterile, unfriendly rooms, and hallways.

It is beyond me why hospitals don’t include more plants into their facility. Especially when plants provide comfort and reduce irritation in patients’ lungs and other airways.

Plant love

Become a Better Person

When you care for plants, you gain a sense of compassion as you end up finding yourself identifying them as awesome listeners. You may even give them a name (I do!).

Also, it is hard to be friendly when you are sick. Plants give your immune system a boost by providing a relaxing atmosphere and improving your sleep. Being in a better mental and physical state can help you build more meaningful connections with people.

Plants incline you to have more compassion, patience, and empathy. Sure you can get the same attributes from owning pets, but plants are far less work. I have both and enjoy them very differently. Plants tend to provide a constant reminder of connection, life, and nature that can be forgotten with pets.

Hope these three benefits from indoor plants convinces you to get one of your own. If you want to start out easy, an easy one to care for are snake plants.

Comment below if you have a home filled with indoor plants!

Plant love

The OOTD Breakdown

Doesn’t this outfit look like it came from Forever21?! It is an adorable two-piece with pink and white palm tree patterns from a company called Nobody’s Child.

I wanted to give the company a try as they state they reduce textile waste by upcycling deadstock – meaning extra, unused fabric that gets tossed to a landfill. The brand’s goal is to repurpose this leftover fabric from past seasons to divert it from hitting landfills. Because of this initiative, not many items stay in stock long. Additionally, Nobody’s Child donates leftover materials to fashion colleges.

Nobody’s child Two Piece
Nobody’s child Two Piece

Would I buy from this brand again? No.

Apart from being tremendously cute and perfect for vacations to warm locations, I was not impressed with the mailing process nor their packaging. I paid an extra 15 euros to get faster shipping, and it did not arrive that much earlier than regular mail from Europe.

Additionally, the two-piece came in TWO plastic containers – TWO! How can you say you are a brand for sustainability if you are packaging everything in plastic?

Nobody’s Child Two Piece

Despite this, I kept the two items to avoid enduring Nobody’s Child’s painful return policy of paying the shipping all the way back to England.

Besides, I also loved the design and structure enough to wear the two-piece for a summer event. I figured I would avoid adding to the shipping footprint and instead, enjoy the gorgeous design. This is what happens when you don’t do your research before purchasing. Maybe I will learn this lesson one day!

Anyhoo! Comment down below your thoughts. Id love to hear them.


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