3 Bathroom Low-Waste Switch ups

Making the switch to a minimalist lifestyle is a long process. You don’t want to just go crazy and buy whatever is on the “low-waste” market if you already have the previous items available to use. That is one reason this video above is only 3 Bathroom Low-Waste Switch ups.

When you do start to run out of items you NEED, there are some wonderful alternatives out there. Thus, I created this video in which I have collected three items that are either low-waste, chemical-free, or both!

In this video, I find the almost-perfect deodorant, 99% waste-free floss, and coral-safe sunscreen that have been a game changer in my bathroom. I hope you all watch and consider these items as each are investments that you only need to buy several times a year. Not only are they better for the environment but they actually are better than what is in the market.

Hope you enjoy these 3 bathroom low-waste switch-ups! Please feel free to share this video to help the Mi Style Su Style family grow.


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