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3 Mental Gains from the Minimalist Lifestyle

It hasn’t been that long since I have strived to have a minimalist lifestyle. Already, I have faced more positive benefits than challenges. However, I am fully aware of how annoying it can be at times to make the low-waste switch. It is a slow process but a doable one with patience. If you hold out, you will quickly start to experience 3 mental gains from the minimalist lifestyle.

Curve the spending addiction

Before I starting writing this post, I spent an hour shopping online for some fashion pieces. To my disappointment, all low-waste ethical fashion is either boring and baggy or cost more than I want to spend. But of course, keep in mind that it wasn’t long ago that I used to shop at Forever21. Hard habits die hard.

What’s the benefit you may ask?

I have found myself buying much less stuff because the clothes available do not meet my criteria and are not affordable. Yes, it is less fun than just throwing money at huge hauls. However, since I made the switch to a minimalist lifestyle, I notice I am curving those cravings by just saying, “No.”

The result? I end up saving much more money in the long haul.

ethical food shopping

To combat the need to find something new, I wander into Goodwill to see what goodies are laying around. Yesterday, I visited and checked out with five tops, silk pajama pants, and a Calvin Klein pussy-bow blouse.

For accessories, I found an all-gold belt, a black leather belt with a big silver buckle, and pink Target mules. Lastly, in home decor, I snagged two $2 pots for my kitchen that would have been an easy $12 at TJ Maxx.

All of this for a simple $40. Not only did I save a crazy amount of money, but I didn’t hurt the environment in my moment of weakness!

ethical food shopping

The minimalist vision

Trying to create lower waste has given me a fresh perspective on items. Now I question everything nearing the trash. How can I repurpose a glass spaghetti sauce jar? Can I compost this egg shell? How can I keep this adorable candle jar?

When I do shop, I ask myself a list of questions that help me narrow down if I should buy the item. Within minutes I go from impulse buy, to thoughtful buying by asking the following:

  • Why do I want this?
  • Do I already have this?
  • Do I need this?
  • Do I have something in the house that I can repurpose to perform the same thing?
  • Is there a sustainable alternative?
  • Will the quality last me long-term?

Becoming low-waste has been a real eye-opener. Sometimes when you thrift, junk is just junk. But a lot of times, the saying rings true: Another man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Like all treasure hunting adventures, you just have to work at it and dig.

ethical food shopping

Inspiration from the minimalist lifestyle

I write my posts based on the fashions I find. That has always been my go-to even to this day. Now that I can’t afford to purchase new ethical clothing willy-nilly, I am finding it harder to stay inspired. That is not to say that I do not feel passionate about saving the world. However, it can be difficult to place where and how this blog will fit into my life long-term.

A low waste lifestyle sounds like a negative, but for me, it seems to be a frustrating positive. Carving a path in uncharted territory has never been easy or that much fun to anyone. I will probably have a small readership and never gain sponsors to help me make this a career; however, I know this is the only direction that will keep me to my authentic self.

Instead of depending on “look what I got” or “look at me and buy this” message, I am thinking outside the box. My campaigns are morphing into more thoughtful productions that bring answers to questions like “What am I trying to say here?”

For me this is a challenge that feels like a bigger reward on my side. Seeing my work come to life is becoming more fun despite how it is received.

These are my 3 mental gains from the minimalist lifestyle. Though I am just one 4′ 11″ girl living on the east coast; I can still strive to make an impact with my actions.

If these three benefits help me feel good, then I see no other reason to stop. I only hope to find like-minded individuals to share the journey with no matter the location.

Together, we can build a kinship in this growing community filled with people who care in keeping this world safer, cleaner, and better for all those that live in it.

Goodwill Finds

The OOTD Breakdown

I wore these American Eagle jeans from my Are Reusable Bags Worth The Hassle post. I love how comfortable they are and the adorable torn details! I am hoping that they last a while because I bought them not knowing that American Eagle is a Greenwasher.

Anyhoo! Who says thrifting cannot be cute and sexy? I got this tank top from Goodwill and let me tell you, it is so breezy and adorable!

Goodwill Finds

Thrifting doesn’t mean you sacrifice your style. It means that you 1) give a second life to clothing that could otherwise end up in a landfill and 2) not giving the companies that make these clothes the support (aka. your money).

The more we put our money where our values are, the more power we gain in changing how our clothes are made!

These palm tree earrings are from Bauble Bar. I love them so so much. I bought them for my suit dupe post before I became WOKE. It is a testament of my past and I am not ashamed. However, now that I have seen The True Cost, I know better now that to buy from brands that are not transparent.

All part of the journey!


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