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Affordable and Ethically-Made Rattan Handbags

There is something to be said when you are proud of an item you are wearing. I am talking about guilt-free, happy dance purchase. I am excited to have found the cutest vacation and event-styled handbag for the summer and spring. It is not only vibrant and intricate, it is also an affordable and ethically-made Rattan handbag.

Material and design

The material of this handbag is sturdy, vibrant, and detailed. Amerii’s Balinese artisans hand-make these unique creations with Ata Grass. The weavers smoke the the grass over coconut husks during their drying process.

The website claims there is a slight scent, but I didn’t notice anything when I opened the package. The bag came in tip-top shape and wrapped in a dust bag. I appreciated that touch and made the piece feel even more luxurious in my hands.

Though I was never really into circular bags, the designs behind each of the rattan bags helped me enjoy it! I appreciate its shape, soft and colorful inner liner, and the kaleidoscope effect in the front.

The downside? I emailed the brand to get some insight into their ethical and sustainable practices. Unfortunately, the only response I received was repeated verbatim from the website.

Affordable and Ethically-Made Rattan Handbags

The cost

Even at regular price, Amerii bags do not cost a lot compared to other ethically-made brands. The brand states that their direct-to-consumer model allows them to cut down on costs.

Amerii has a sale that allowed me to get a rattan handbag for 30% off. Though I am no longer interested in cheap-made items, I do still like a good markdown of high-quality goods.

Amerii purchases their handbags straight from their weaving artisans that promote fair trade and ensure they are also fairly compensated. Because of this, their workers can continue creating while affording to provide for themselves and their families.

My breakdown for Amerii’s affordable and ethically-made rattan handbags

The second downside of these affordable and ethically-made rattan handbags is that there is not much proof of Amerii’s claims to sustainability and participation in ethical practices. Therefore, I have to take the brand’s word – for now.

My only hope is that Amerii is actually being ethical and not spreading half-truths to make a buck. I am not stating that the brand is eco/moral washing.

However, it would be reassuring and even more fun to talk about the Amerii if I knew more details around their supply chain – as basic as it may be. Other brands are more transparent and I am able to push for them harder than others that do not.

With that being said, I adore my rattan handbag. I respect the weaver’s creative process. I die over the design when I pull it out of its dustbag, and I love the meaning behind the brand.

Like a Dior and Coach handbag, I watch over it as a prized possession despite its obvious durability.

As alluded to earlier, buying into the right side of fashion is empowering.

This handbag brings no disgust from supporting an industry that looks away when their suppliers bash women and children on the other side of the world. The rattan bag lacks the shame of being poorly made, used 3x and then quickly tossed aside in a landfill. This is the guilt-free life I want to live.

If you are in the market for a fashionable, unique, and hand-made item that is affordable, please check out Amerii and support their brand. I believe if we all buy into the right side of fashion whenever we need to get something new, we can make a big difference changing the demand in the market.

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