Eco Friendly Swaps

July’s Eco-Friendly Swaps

As I run out of items through the coming months, I am always looking for better brands that support the lifestyle I want to pursue. It may not always be perfect but I love being able to know that I did SOMETHING. I rest to the fact that my money went to the right places. It’s wonderful. I could not wait to share with you some eco-friendly swaps that I have tried for the month of July. Though I posted this video earlier, I thought I would bring it up on the blog in case you are interested.

July was a month of bathroom-related, eco-friendly swaps. From mouthwash to soap, I found what works and doesn’t work for me. I hope these eco-friendly swaps are helpful as you find your way through the minimalism, ethical, and sustainable switch!

PS: Please ignore how robotic I am in the beginning, Evidently, I don’t know how to act with a microphone.

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I am still on the hunt for toothpaste. I tried this horrible kind by Dr. Bronner’s and it sucks so bad. Not only was it tasteless and awkward to use, it was very expensive. I am currently trying the Lush toothpaste caps and so far it is a learning curve. If you are interested in a review, let me know in comments below.

Comment down below what eco-friendly swaps have and have not worked for you. I would love to know!


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