Stella McCartney's Sustainable Workout Leggings

Stella McCartney’s Sustainable Workout Leggings

Me and my best friends love wearing new leggings to the gym. There is something fun about sweating in an outfit that is sexy and new. However, did you know that a lot of workout leggings are made of nylon and polyester? These two materials require a substantial amount of energy and resources to create and in the end are not biodegradable. There are alternatives in the market that you can indulge in that are much more eco friendly than fast fashion brands like Fabuletics or Forever21. Which is why I mention Stella McCartney’s collaboration with Carbon 38 in which she creates sustainable workout leggings.

|Minimalism Sacrifice

The Stella McCartney brand is one of luxury but with an eco-conscious sticker. When I saw these leggings initially, I instantly admired the pastel purple color.

They sustainable leggings reminded me of Gymshark with the breathable holes and silky material; however, the price tag turned me off. I was not ready to invest $120 on something I did not need. But once it was on sale, I instantly knew it had to be mine!

Now, I am fully aware that this purchase goes against the minimalism mindset. I did not NEED the leggings; I wanted them. So I caved – sue me!

My favorite aspect of Gymshark leggings is its seamless construction and a second-skin feel. I loved my first pair so much, I dreamed of converting my entire workout collection. But I can’t do that knowing I am contributing to a brand that doesn’t take sustainability into account. Lord knows where the brand sources and produces their materials! That is more important to me than style now.

But I have to say, investing in brands that places the planet and the people who make them first, is an action that lacks guilt.

Therefore, I added this ONE item for $80 to my workout collection. As my older sweat gear continues to wither, I’m expecting my new investments to outlive its cheaper counterparts.

|The Review

These Carbon 38 leggings are so similar to GymShark it is not funny. It is almost as silky and just as breathable. Ironically, the website describes the sustainable workout tights as yoga wrap knit tight leggings.

I put this notion to the test and asked my husband to inspect my bottom as I bent over in a yoga pose. He said it was sheer enough to see my butt crack. For me, that did not mean it was yoga friendly. However, if you plan on running, lifting, or doing HITT, you should be fine!

The setback I found was the placement of the tag. Not only can you see it in the picture above, it is uncomfortable and scratchy at times. Additionally, because I am short, you cannot see the cute Stella McCartney label at the bottom of the leg pant. Labels are not important to me but if it is to you and you happen to be petite, you will not appreciate that detail.

Other than that, the color is adorable and the leggings are made out of regenerated yarn from recycled fishing nets and other discarded nylons. Though I was not able to avoid nylon altogether, I am happy this wasn’t a virgin.

I love how these sustainable workout leggings made me feel during performance. Despite the lack of squat-proof material, I enjoy wearing them for all my activities.

I hope this review was helpful. There’s still some pieces on the website from Stella’s McCartney’s sustainable collection with Carbon 38.


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