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Update Your Clothing for Longer Use

We live in a disposable culture that values convenience over principles. Fashion is expected to come so cheap that if the garment tore, we wouldn’t sweat a bullet tossing it out. Unfortunately, convenience comes at a sacrifice. It may not seem to impact your life now but it will. Unfortunately, many people are in denial. It isn’t until we notice sickness in our close circle that people start to wake up. If you are interested reducing your carbon food print from this throw-away habit, below are some methods to update your clothing and elongate its lifespan.

Expanding the life of your fashions will not only help your budget, but it’s a to reduce waste. Below are ways you can reduce clothing waste.

Close up your holes

Take out a sewing kit people. Do you need to discard that article of clothing just because a tiny tear? Goodwill is not going to take the time to fix it for you and will thus not likely sell. The solution is simple: sew the hole closed. You will be surprised how a simple task can go a long way.

If you’re scared of fixing luxury items yourself, you are not out of the equation. I would suggest taking it to a professional sewer to stitch it right back up. Extend that investment!

Luxury or not, you always have the option to have a professional fix any issue with your clothing. If you fluctuate in weight, don’t keep tossing and rebuying clothes. Store it for the next season where you become that size again. It is not only waste-free but an economic advantage long-term.

Therefore, sewing is a wonderful option to updating your clothing. One of my life goals is to learn and become expert with a sewing machine. Currently, I sew by hand.

Grab a fabric shaver

Over time, all sweaters create little fuzz balls and frizzes. These small newcomers can change the vibe of that sweater into something tired and worn. That is where the fabric shaver (affiliate link) comes in.

Affordable and useful, I cannot recommend this product more. The fabric shaver removes those frizzy balls that build up over time. Once you run it all over your sweater, you will be astonished to find your grungy sweater transform into a fresh new look.

Just be careful when using it as poor technique can create holes! Otherwise, the wool shaver s a great way to update your clothing for the fall and winter months without needing to replace items in your closet.

| Shoes Replacement Tap Caps

Ever have your stiletto heels get so roughed up, you could feel the metal in every step? I used to walk on rough surfaces like concrete sidewalks everyday to get to work. My kitty heels almost died on me! If you are in the same boat – don’t call it quits! There is an affordable and easy solution to revive your high heels – High Heel Tips Shoes Replacement Tap Caps (affiliate link).

I was surprised at how easy it was to replace my destroyed heel tip. Getting the roughed up bottoms off the shoe did involve a bit of elbow grease. But once I pulled out the worn ends, I easily popped-in the new bits with ease.

It felt wonderful to salvage my cute kitty heels for work. My shoes felt just as sturdy as when I first brought them home. Alternatively, you can always send your shoes to a professional to fix up as well if you are not interested in going through the hassle.

| Bring out the scissors

There will come a day where your favorite t-shirt turns raggedy. The colors fade, holes form and the fit starts stretching out in an unflattering manner.

You have several options. You can:

  • Create a new look by finding a different way to wear it.
  • Bestow it as your new sleepwear.
  • Cut up the bottom and have it be a crop top! I hate paying a lot of money for half a shirt and lord knows that crop tops look good with high-waist pants.
  • Rip up the clothing and turn them into rags for cleaning.

No matter what route you choose, you are preventing waste and using the item until it’s little heart indeed runs out. You can apply this method with jeans where you turn them into shorts and anything else you may have that could use some sprucing.

|Updating your clothing as pillow cases

You know those baggy, unfitted, and sometimes tacky tees you catch at events? I hate wearing them, but I when gifted, I turn them into temporary pillowcases. I now do not opt in to these gimmicks at games and events but sometimes, they force it down your throat!

As mentioned in my skincare tips blog, plopping your face on the same pillowcase for weeks is not sanitary. Therefore, grabbing that t-shirt that is too big or too small to wear anyways and squeezing your pillow into it for 2-3 nights is a great way to refresh what your face lays on.

Granted, they say cotton soaks up your hair oils, but I braid my hair and moisturize my skin, so I do not have any issue. If you are worried, grab a silk headscarf to protect your hair. After all, it takes 2,700 liters of water to make the damn thing so you might as well re purpose it.

I hope this post was helpful and that you were able to rethink that bag of donated Goodwill clothes.


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