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Offset Carbon Emissions Flights

I have noticed several zero-waste bloggers guiltily apologize for flying domestically. I understand their dilemma and thought about it while packing for my trip to Iceland. Though transportation is a third of the United State’s emissions, what was I supposed to do? Never travel? When an Instagram ad told me how I could offset carbon emissions flights, I had to check it out!

I have not gone on a real vacation with Michael for some time. One of the most refreshing and electrifying ways to gain perspective is to travel; especially with the one you love. Every time we go, we feel rejuvenated, enchanted, and evolved. To forgo that for climate change sounded extreme to me; especially when we hardly travel like that to begin with.

|How to offset carbon emissions flights

I guess Facebook and Google teamed up to read my data and saw I was looking for plane tickets to fly to Las Vegas for my friends birthday. Coupled with my other searches for a sustainable lifestyle, Instagram thought I would be interested in a non-profit organization called SeaTrees; they were not wrong. 

Though I am not feeling guilty about traveling, being able to offset carbon emissions flights sounded great to me. In this case, throwing money at the problem is a solution that agreed with me. 

If you are a person that constantly travels, this would be something to especially look into as your impact is much more substantial than those that travel sparingly.

|Who are SeaTrees?

SeaTrees is a non-profit extension of Sustainable Surf; a 501c3 non-profit based in California. Their mission is to help regenerate ocean ecosystems that are on the brink of collapse like Mangrove forests, coral reefs, and more.

UN Sustainable Development Goals evaluates all of SeaTrees projects and SeaTrees. Additionally, all funding comes from charitable grants and donations, as well as sales by the ocean community on-mission products like providing education about how to protect coastal ecosystems.

To offset carbon emissions flights, you just pay SeaTrees $10-20, depending on the distance of your flight, to plant mangrove trees on Biak Island, Indonesia and protect VCS certified reef-to-ridge forest in the Southern Cardamom, Cambodia.

Your money helps SeaTrees:

  • Sequestering carbon
  • Supply tree planting and management jobs for the village of Korem on Biak Island and forest protection and eco-tourism jobs for people living in the Southern Cardamom forest
  • Contribute to bringing back the essential ecosystems for threatened species such as dugongs (sea cows) and Irrawaddy dolphins

I am glad to have discovered this charitable tool so that whenever I do decide to hop on another adventure, I can offset carbon emissions flights. SeaTrees also have other options like wiping out your annual impact or surfboard-type purchases.

Offsetting carbon emissions is an action Etsy has already implemented in their shipping system at no additional cost. I am more likely to purchase from them and support small businesses than the big companies who have no qualms in sucking up the Earth’s resources. I hope conglomerates follow Etsy’s example soon as our world is hanging by the skin of its teeth.

In the meantime, I will be jetting off to swim in the blue lagoon, hiking the Golden Circle, and running my toes through black sand in Iceland. If you want to keep up with our adventures, come follow me on instagram and subscribe!


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