Blue lagoon

The Blue Lagoon Excursion

If you are ever planning a trip to Europe, I highly recommend taking a day in Iceland as a layover. Not only will you get a break from the long flight, but the airport is simple and easy to navigate. More importantly, if you plan smartly, having a layover in Iceland gives you time to really enjoy the Blue Lagoon.

The Blue Lagoon is closer to the airport than Reykjavik as it is a 20-minute drive versus 45 minutes. Because Mike and I had settled in Reykjavik already, we booked a bus to transport us to the facility.

The drive was peaceful as the ever-changing landscape turned from flat farmland to hills covered in moss. When we arrived, it was bone-chilling as the wind whipped cold rain in your face.

Blue lagoon

Arriving to Blue Lagoon

It feels like you are in a movie about another world. Despite the wind whipping icicles at our faces, the view of black, lava-molded rocks was absolutely fascinating. I tried to take pics but I am pretty sure my hands would have frozen off. Instead, I scooted to the entrance, hand-in-hand with Michael.

Blue lagoon

Because we came in a bus full of people, we had to wait in line to get checked in.  As you wait in line, there are these cool facts about the lagoon itself. 

Note: You have to buy your ticket in advance to visit the Blue Lagoon.

We got the basic package but I sure was tempted to upgrade. The basic package provides one:

  • Mask
  • Drink
  • Towel
  • Wristlet

The upgrade includes basic plus bathrobe, slippers (you don’t get to keep), and more food and mask options. If you want a bathrobe like I did, bring your own to save $20 per person. I saw this lady do it and I envied her!

Note: After check in, we changed at the lockers that open and close via your wristband. If you bring luggage, I would call in advance to see what your options are for stowing as the lockers are not that big.

Ecofriendly swimsuit

You are required to shower before entering the lagoon. Additionally, the facility recommends you apply conditioner to protect your hair from drying out from the water.

I was not planning on doing either as my hair was clean and tied up into a bun. Little did I know that the shower stalls had rainfall shower heads. Therefore, I had NO WAY to keep my hair dry unless I sneaked out. I low-key wish I did (more to come as to why!) At the time, I just shrugged my shoulders and lathered conditioner in my hair.

Blue lagoon

First Impression

When I stepped out of the locker rooms to meet Michael on the other side, I was extremely cold because many people were walking in and out of the building. It felt I had gone back outside but butt-naked! Luckily, there is an option to enter the lagoon instead of going straight outside. We quickly hung our towels to take advantage of this feature. 

As soon as we got in, we breathed a sigh of relief. The 100 degree water was soothing like warm tea on a winter day or a snuggly sweater in front of a fireplace. We melted into the water as we pulled the door open to go outside.

Blue lagoon

Stunning black lava rocks surround this mixture of geothermal seawater and fresh water. Additionally, the business built black and chic wood bridges and platforms for you to stroll around. The mist from the ocean air crystallized in our hair, lashes and Michael’s beard. But it didn’t bother us one bit as we floated through the steamy lagoon.

Ecofriendly swimsuit

Our time of relaxation

The Blue Lagoon excursion was absolutely magical and relaxing. We plastered our face in a white silica mud mask and drank a smoothie at the bars in the water while enjoying the views.

It is unbelievable how the silica reflects sunlight into the gorgeous blue water. Even though you should not get the water in your hair, eyes, or glasses, the algae, silica, and other essential minerals are helpful for your skin.

Though there was a good amount of people, the facility is able to control how many visitors there are a day by requiring you buy tickets in advance. This method allows visitors to avoid feeling overwhelmed and overcrowded. That really made a big difference in our experience.

Blue lagoon

The Amenitities

After several delicious hours swimming. My fingers had pruned and I was overheating. Though you get free pure glacier water to hydrate, there came a point my body was tapping out. So we got out to check out the steam room and finish in the sauna. The sauna really helped our suits dry a bit and relaxed us even further.

By the time we left the sauna, we walked back into the building. Unlike our arrival, we welcomed the stingy cold air as our bodies radiated heat from the water and sauna.

Blue lagoon

The hunger kicked in after dressing. The restaurants onsite were not friendly to our budget, so we opted to grab coffee and split a sandwich and a dessert. Make sure to pack a $100 for lunch if you want to dine in.

We had another hour to kill before our bus arrived, so we took pictures outside the facility as there is much to see outside the lagoon’s walls.

Blue lagoon

Vitamin A Swimsuit

Who said sustainable fashion isn’t sexy? I happen to have found a very thrilling brand called Vitamin A, who has the highest rating on Good On You site.

Vitamin A produces over 95% of their products in Southern California. For everything else, Vitamin A partners with fair trade artisan groups to promote women’s economic empowerment in the developing world.

It doesn’t stop there! The brand uses recycled and organic textiles and packaging materials to choosing energy-efficient and local factories. There is still room to grow as my package came in plastic, however, Vitamin A is working on that like every other business in the world that cares about improving their carbon footprint.

Ecofriendly swimsuit

It was love at first sight when I saw this suit and passion the second I learned about the brand. It was and will continue to be perfect for the Blue Lagoon and for any event where I do not want to be overly revealing without sacrificing the hot factor. Even though I will still wear my fast fashion swimsuits to avoid it being wasted, this is one of my guilt-free fashion pieces I love.

Of course the high waist feature is a must on my 30-year-old body and the Giada top is comfortable as it stretches to keep the important bits in. I think the tie shoulder is adorable and the ribbed fabric is very comfortable. Lastly, I appreciate the little cutouts on the sides of the Coco bottom that help bring some dimension to the bottom half.

Ecofriendly swimsuit

The Blue Lagoon excursion is a must-have experience. It is an absolutely beautiful, fascinating, and relaxing way to spend half your day. You can even do a full day but a little over half was good enough for me.  

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