Why Iceland is Worth Every Penny

Iceland may not be for everyone. It is far and a lot to save for. But if you are one for adventure, breathtaking sights, and great food, you need to add Iceland to your bucket list. Even though Michael and I went near the beginning of fall where the weather is nippy in the mornings and evenings, below are the reasons why Iceland is worth every penny!

Iceland Country

According to our tour guides, the Iceland country is commonly described to resemble Hawaii. Though both islands have similar landscapes due to having active volcanos; the weather is vastly different. While Hawaii is consistently warm year-round, Iceland’s weather is cold and erratic.

As Iceland’s volcanoes threaten to erupt every two years, it is also the home to Europe’s largest glacier – Vatnaj√∂kull. Because of threats of lava eruption and large ice caps, Iceland is said to be the land of FIRE AND ICE.

I couldn’t describe the Iceland country better myself.

I have never seen a country with such a magical landscape. When we arrived, the ground was flat with grasslands. On our way to the Blue Lagoon the next day, the scene became hilly with volcanic rocks covered in moss.

On our tour of the Golden Circle, we went up a mountain and through valleys filled with many waterfalls streaming down the sides of volcanic formations. During our south coast tour, the land would dip and flatten to reveal mountains on one side of the road and farmland on the other. Next thing you know there are glaciers! It is marvelously bizarre how much 30 minutes to an hour can show a whole different world.

Just seeing the landscape alone made you feel like you are in a different world or in an episode of Game of Thrones. Iceland vacation was a trip of a lifetime.

The views

If you think you have seen the best of Iceland by hanging around Reykjavik, you are sadly mistaken. Along with the variety of landscapes comes numerous opportunities to experience something beyond comprehension. One of our top sights that are breathtaking was Black Sand Beach.

The wind was whipping sideways with the ocean’s icy water. However, that didn’t stop Michael and me from standing in awe of the basalt formations the lava and ocean have created.

I could have sworn an episode of Game of Thrones was filmed here perhaps for the Dragonstone episodes, but I don’t have evidence of it. Either way, the vast tall columns were surreal to me. It was one of the top sights I was anticipating this whole trip, and man was it worth the wait!

The grub

Iceland’s food quality is rated #2 behind Italy. As they do not import many goods, the country has found a way to make their food of the highest quality. I noticed this in every meal we had on our Iceland vacation. Even the pitstops were full of vibrant flavor and freshness. Though I do not understand why the grocery stores do not reflect this freshness, we enjoyed every sandwich, soup, and dish cooked for us.

For example, during our Golden tour, we got a quick stop at a greenhouse farm that grows tons of tomatoes a day. Owned by two Islanders, the three giant greenhouse farms sustainably grow their produce with honey bee females imported from Norway. The bees work in an efficient and friendly manner, unlike the native bees, Iceland. The tomato greenhouse only uses females because the males tend to not work as well or as hard as the females – go figure!

The tour guide of the farm provided samples of cherry tomatoes, and I could not help but be surprised by the explosion of flavor and sweetness! It made me want to grow a cherry tomato garden.

Why Iceland is Worth Every Penny

From the fresh-caught fish, flavorful vegetables, and freshly-baked pastries, Michael and I look back at this Iceland vacation with many favorable memories. Despite the struggle to save and pay for the trip as well as the fact that Iceland is the most expensive country in Europe, the experience alone is why Iceland is worth every penny spent.


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