Driving the Golden Circle Tour in Iceland

Our introduction to Iceland’s countryside was well-spent with our tourism vendor – Arctic Adventures. Michael and I were impressed with our edgy-looking tour guide. He sported a minor mohawk to display tattoos on both sides of his head. He conjured all the viking vibes needed as he flippantly smoked a cigarette by the van while we made our way to the trails. During travel, our tour guide discussed Iceland culture, history, politics, and scientific facts about the island. As we listened, everyone peered out the window wide-eyed and admiring the landscape that came to fruition on the Golden Circle Tour in Iceland.

| The Golden Tour Highlights

My favorite part of the Golden Circle tour was Þingvellir National Park (Thingvellir). This scene took me by surprise.

The tall and rocky structures looked like it didn’t belong on this earth. I know that this thought is backwards but the location felt stolen from another world like Game of Thrones. Though the TV show did film an episode here (the wilding camp), it was hard to grasp that mother nature had created these tall frameworks of rock.


Þingvellir is a historic site and national park in Iceland, east of Reykjavík. The park sits in a rift valley caused by the separation of two tectonic plates. Þingvellir is where the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates meet.

My second favorite part of the Golden Circle Tour in Iceland involved feeding Icelandic horses. Because I am such an animal lover, I couldn’t help but grin ear to ear when feeding treats to these greedily-eager beings – though my husband was not as impressed.

I held up the tour bus because I was having too much fun being aggressively nudged by these adorable creatures. I know they didn’t care for me past the treats in my hand, but I couldn’t help but laugh and giggle at their movements. Michael of course just loved seeing me burst in delight.

If you want to see a fairy tale waterfall, you have to stop at the Gullfoss Waterfall on the Golden Circle. The flow of the river from the regular rains and the glacial runoff makes Gullfoss the largest volume falls in Europe; however, it is surprisingly not the strongest. The strongest is in northern Iceland and called the Dettifoss waterfall.

Due to the misty clash of water and land, make sure to wear water-repellent gear. Though I am not rivaled by waterfalls, I couldn’t help but appreciate the rainbow gracing the scenery. The series of arched lights coupled with the tall grass and vulturous cliffs made me feel like vikings very well could have trampled around the corner on their Icelandic horses. The atmosphere and majestic force of water make the Gullfoss waterfall a definite highlight.

Gullfoss Waterfall

| The Golden Tour Surprises

The Geysir Hot Spring Area was exciting. It is as if the pressures of this world were bubbling up in one area. The random bursts of water felt relative to my peeks of anxiety – though not as thrilling and beautiful.

As you walked to the main Geysir, there a bunch of baby geysers bubbling over. I found them to be adorable like little puppies around its mother.

Though frustrating to capture a picture with so many people surrounding the big geyser, watching its water sprout up to the sky was astonishing. Sometimes you feel like you can predict when it is about to burst while other times it takes you by surprise. To capture a shot, many people stood like statues while the other person waited to the very intense moment the water bubbles and then erupts into the heavens.

|The Golden Tour Low Lights

The Kerið Volcanic Crater was just what I imagined – underwhelming. There were so many people there that it was difficult to grab a snapshot without someone in the way. Additionally, the number of people talking and walking about removed you from the serene views. Somehow, we were able to grab some good pictures anyways.

Since we were on tour, we did not have enough time to see the whole thing. You have to choose to walk around the top or walk to the bottom of the crater. We chose to walk the top and although Michael wanted to do the bottom; however, we both didn’t feel like we missed out on much.

The timing per site was the only disappointment with Arctic Adventures; however, I understand why it is done this way. To see all of the Golden Circle Tour in Iceland, you have to hop around as nothing is close by.

However, if you feel this picture below is also underwhelming despite the fact it is a product of an imploded volcano, then I would skip this site to add more time to others.

The Kerið Volcanic Crater

Golden Circle Tour in Iceland

After our first day of swimming in Blue Lagoon bliss, Michael and I enjoyed mother nature’s mysteries. From the active volcano threats to the bursting waterholes, we enjoyed our third day in Iceland.

I hope you found my recounting of our experience in Iceland interesting. I have more blog ideas to produce about our adventure there but I also plan to intersperse Mi Style Su Style’s regular content of sustainable fashion along the way.

To watch how we spent our first two days in Iceland, check out our vlog below! If you like it, please subscribe!


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