My Daily Facial Moisturizer

Finding eco-friendly, affordable, and ethical skincare is difficult. At times I want to whip out a bowl and make the damn stuff myself but then I think about the mess, the frustration of accidentally getting measurements wrong, and the fact that it probably wouldn’t last long so I would have to repeat this effort every week. Lucky for me, a skincare brand – EccoBella – found me! Out of all the goodies they gifted, I have been using the daily moisturizer when I am not on the hormonal stages of the month. It is very moisturizing, light, scentless, and lasts for months. When it comes to affordable and sustainable skincare brands, EccoBella’s Age Antidote Daily Facial Moisturizer is one to try.

|Diving into the sustainable skincare ingredients

Each active natural ingredient in EccoBella products has undergone various clinical trials to validate claimed benefits such as how they mix in marigold into their products to protect your skin from the electronic’s blue light shield.

Additionally, EccoBella’s daily moisturizer also has an Ecco Shield which is a combination of titanium dioxide, organic oils, and the seven top skin nutraceuticals that are time-released through VitaminCells to protect the skin from environmental aging. Something everyone could use to combat aging.

|Making impressions

Like mentioned before, the daily facial moisturizer is lightweight and costs $50. That may seem like a lot, but since you only use this in the morning, the bottle has lasted me months!

I currently wear BareMinerals for my daily foundation as it has SPF and clean ingredients. By mid-day, my skin is a little moister than my liking; however, any skincare I use does that anyways. Taking care of my skin for still very important even with a minimal look.

|The Eco factor

Every day, EccoBella claims they collaborate with eco-entrepreneurs to lighten their carbon footprint, such as packaging their powders in the eco-chic paper.

Thankfully, EccoBella’s sustainable skincare line lacks polyethylene and bio-polyethylene, which are plastic micro beads that end up in waterways and oceans. Additionally, EccoBella actively demands all their suppliers develop biodegradable packaging for their products. This is something I definitely appreciate as a woken consumer. This effort combats my guilt of buying the product in the first place. Additionally, if I ever felt guilty about shipping, I could offset the travel.

I love that skincare packaging made of pure glass. Despite the plastic pump, the glass makes the sustainable facial moisturizer feel luxurious. I love supporting a brand that is actively researching ways to eliminate all plastics. Plus, the plastic pump is a great way to prevent the rest of the product from getting contaminated.

My Thrifted OOTD

The majority of this outfit was thrifted. The necklace is from Chloe and Isabelle and the tube top is a fast fashion chain before I woke.

However, the blazer and pants are all thrifted baby! If it wasn’t for the constant inspiration from Sifted and other bloggers, I wouldn’t have thought to try this blazer on. Now, it is one of my favorite fall items especially since the temperatures have dropped. Can you believe I got the blazer and baggy pants for the price of $12. Insane!

What is your favorite sustainable skincare and ethically-made daily facial moisturizer ?


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