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I want to be a reliable and trustworthy source of fashion information for all of my loyal readers. Therefore, I will never speak, or allow payment for a product if I do not believe in that product.

I am also a blog reader, so I understand what it is you are looking for. If I dislike a product, then I will say so or choose not to feature them entirely. I do not want to waste your or my time on products that I cannot vouch for.

Affiliates and gifts

I usually buy all mentioned clothing and products with my own money. However, there may be time where a brand will gift or offer a voucher or discount code to me. However, I would not wear something I disliked, or show you something that I hated. The fact that I’m wearing said item shows that I love the item enough to wear it. I do use some affiliate commission services, like RewardStyle, to earn a percentage of commission on product sales. Therefore, this site does use cookies. The links or products don’t cost the buyer as commission comes from the retailer.

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