Knit and Suede Fall Outfit

About Me

With an affinity for the trendy and chic, Jennifer has always had her eye on fashion. But it wasn’t until 2017 that she decided to put her favorite looks into a blog for all to enjoy.

Jennifer lives in the southeast pursuing a career as a fashion blogger in North Carolina. With the help of her husband, Michael Joyce, the duo works hard to prep relatable and entertaining content for her readers.

With Puerto Rican influence, her style focuses on accentuating curves, celebrating shapes, and embracing the sexiness of the feminine body. Since launching Mi Style Su Style, Jennifer is seeing her influence grow as well as her connection with her audience.

With Jennifer’s variety of styles and editorial imagery, she hopes to provide an image that is not only desirable but achievable for all her readers. As her expertise continues to grow in digital storytelling, evidenced on Mi Style Su Style, where Jennifer regularly shares fresh style content weekly.

Women empowerment is an essential piece of the puzzle in all of Jennifer’s posts. Fashion to her is part of storytelling that goes hand in hand in helping women feel more confident in pursuing not only a fashionable life but a healthy mind. Jennifer is constantly researching new trends and exploring what fashion fits her body best while providing honest feedback about each discovery in terms of wearability, comfort, and quality. By doing so, she wants to build a reputable brand that every reader can trust.

Jennifer is always on the hunt for affordable pieces that anyone can buy without sacrificing too much quality. By weeding out the weak fast fashion with the best, she hopes her readers will find her finds to be very helpful. She hopes this blog will become a leading source of people’s inspiration and a one-stop destination for aspirational fashionistas looking to save money without hurting their wallets.

The Joyces