Eating and trying new dishes of international cuisine cooking in luxury kitchens is one of the most enjoyable pastimes for many. Because when you visit a country for the first time, one of the plans you want to make is to try the most famous dishes that characterize this country.

International cuisine varies and tastes differ from country to country with different ingredients and spices, while there are cuisines that have gained great fame due to the quality of their food.

Even for culinary professionals, it is difficult to say which country has the best cuisine in the world because each ranking puts a particular country in first place.

The fast food chain McDonald’s is very popular, but does this make American cuisine the best in the world?

It is not easy to categorize international cuisine. In terms of sophistication, luxury and distinction, French cuisine tops the list, but what about taste? But if the popularity of cuisine is the criterion for its quality, then we can say that Chinese cuisine is the winner, as it is the most popular worldwide.

When it comes to global influence or expansion, Portuguese cuisine tops the list. For centuries, Portuguese cuisine has inspired many international dishes, including Indian, Japanese and Brazilian dishes.

Cuban cuisine is rich and varied, but have you ever considered that canned food can be harmful to your health and that the meat used is among the cheapest?

However, the lead in most rankings does not come from traditional countries such as China, France, Italy, India and Turkey, and we are talking about reviews from sites such as CNN Travel, Trip Advisor and other famous reviews.

Here are the 10 most prominent cuisines around the world in terms of food quality, demand volume and diversity:

1. Italian cuisine

Several decades ago, Italy consisted of twenty-seven separate regions, each developing its own traditions and dishes.

When we talk about Italian cuisine today, we are actually talking about twenty-seven cuisines, of which Neapolitan cuisine is the most famous.

In the Gulf of Naples, Italians brought in some new ingredients from outside the peninsula and developed many unique dishes, including pizza and pasta.

It is often said that Naples is the birthplace of both pizza and pasta, but this is still disputed, and there are those who even think it was not developed in Italy.

Italian cuisine is the most common around the world and most popular among individuals in different countries, especially when it comes to pizza on firewood, pasta is one of the most popular dishes, which is the favorite of most people, and pasta served in the traditional Italian way.

2. Greek cuisine

Greek cuisine is one of the oldest and oldest cuisines in the world. Its roots go back thousands of years since the birth of ancient Greek civilization. It also shares many common characteristics with the cuisines of some countries such as the Balkans and the Middle East.

The cuisine of Athens is characterized by special dishes with distinctive flavors and is famous for the use of spices, wild thyme, rosemary, onions, garlic, mastic, mint, oregano, bay leaf, fennel seed, basil, sage and lemon juice.

Most Greek dishes contain olive oil, eggplant, cheese, zucchini and vegetables in general with white meat and rabbit, as well as bread and barley, and it is classified as one of the Mediterranean dishes.

Greek cuisine also relies on seafood for much of its meals, such as lobster, octopus, shrimp and types of fish and shellfish, which are often grilled or eaten in various sauces or fried.

What perhaps distinguishes this cuisine are the fresh ingredients eaten in the Mediterranean, and the dish “spanakopita,”a pie with a mixture of spinach and cheese with its delicious flavor, and other dishes such as moussaka and kofta, which are characteristic of this cuisine.

3. Spanish cuisine

Traditional Spanish cuisine is simple, uncomplicated food based on locally available ingredients or regionally grown crops.

Spanish cuisine is considered one of the oldest famous for its delicious dishes and recipes. It is a mix of different cuisines, especially the Turkish, Greek and Arabic cuisines along the Mediterranean.

Many people love the famous paella and gazpacho, which is simply a cold soup made from a variety of vegetables.

4. Japanese cuisine

Japanese cuisine has a different philosophy that differs from the rest of international cuisines because it combines different elements and principles to mold them into one harmonious and homogeneous form, the ingredients are fresh, whether meat, fish or vegetables, and the flavors are distinct, and the way of cooking is healthy and fast.
Japanese food is one of the most popular in the world, and for good reason. Traditional Japanese cuisine, or Washoku, is based on the “Rules of Five”and emphasizes variety and balance.
This is achieved through the use of five colors (black, white, red, yellow and green), five cooking techniques (raw, grilling, steaming, blanching and deep-frying) and five flavors (sweet, spicy, salty, sour and bitter).
It is no wonder that Japanese cuisine is extremely delicious and highly regarded by people around the world.
The dish “Sushi and Sashimi”has spread to gain widespread popularity and people’s love for this delicious roll.

5. Indian cuisine

Indian cuisine consists of a variety of regional and traditional dishes from the Indian subcontinent.

Because of the diversity in soil, climate, culture, ethnic groups and occupations, these dishes vary widely and use locally available spices, herbs, vegetables and fruits.

Indian cuisine is considered one of the oldest in the world and is characterized by the abundance of oriental spices, or what is known as garam masala, and the use of curry, which gives dishes a spicy flavor.

Encyclopedia of Indian Cuisine is a comprehensive list of Indian main dishes and dishes, in addition to side dishes and some famous Indian spice recipes and how to prepare them at home.

There are those who love the flavors found in Indian food, and perhaps the spicy taste is the secret to this love, in addition to the great beneficence that some Indian recipes contain, especially thanks to the benefits of curry.
With Grand Masala spices, Indian cuisine was able to be on the list of the best cuisines in the world, with wonderful dishes such as “dal,”which allowed Indian chefs to transform an ordinary dish into a unique experience for those who eat it through delicious spice blends.

6. Mexican cuisine

Mexican cuisine is the result of multiple civilizations that came to that land, especially the Mayan and Aztec civilizations…Then Mexican cuisine was influenced by European civilizations, especially during the Spanish occupation, this historical mix reflected in its diversity.

In 2010, the World Organization UNESCO listed Mexican cuisine as a World Cultural Heritage Site.

Mexican cuisine is characterized by its different flavors, we see the use of herbs and spices in abundance, especially hot peppers.

One of the main elements of Mexican cuisine is corn and beans, as well as many types of vegetables, fruits, legumes and meat.

Corn is available in Mexico, but Mexico is one of the countries that produce and consume the most corn. Corn is used in the preparation of tortillas, tamales, mezza…

Tortillas are corn bread flapjacks served with almost all dishes. They are usually sold semi-prepared and can be toasted or fried in oil.

Beans are also an essential ingredient in Mexican cuisine. All kinds of beans are used in many recipes, the most important of which is the Mexican salad…

The fame of Mexican cuisine has gone beyond Mexico and the American continent, so we see Mexican restaurants scattered around the world, and we find that the world enjoys these dishes not only in terms of taste, but also because of the diversity of ingredients in Mexican dishes that give the dish this beautiful appearance and different colors, and are among the most famous dishes in the world:Fajitas, Al nachos, taquitos….

A wonderful Mexican cuisine with its diversity and spices, and we don’t forget the delicious guacamole and the “tostadas,”which include “burrito”or “taco”chips.

7. American cuisine

American cuisine is the food that the United States of America adopted from European colonialism. Immigration from around the world has contributed to the diversity of American cuisine.

The “hamburger”that spread around the world, although its history goes back to Asia and thence to Europe, specifically to Germany, whose immigrants were transferred to America to become one of the most famous international dishes.

8. French cuisine

French cuisine is considered one of the most popular international cuisines because it is characterized by the diversity of its delicious and delectable dishes.
This cuisine has developed greatly since the Middle Ages with the use of many spices in dishes in addition to the luxurious tables that adorn the homes of the wealthy classes, but after the French Revolution all these customs changed and spices were replaced by herbs and many methods and techniques of cooking were invented.
French cuisine is famous worldwide for its diversity of foods and multitude of flavors, and perhaps the most surprising element in French cuisine is the precise method used in preparing and serving food, and this is what has made French cuisine one of the best and most famous dishes in the world.

We can say that Italian cuisine is the origin from which French cuisine emerged, because French cooks learned the methods and techniques of cooking from Italian cooks.
It is worth noting that the beginnings of French cuisine appeared during the marriage of Catherine de Medici and King Henry II of France.
This is why French cuisine has become one of the most important international cuisines today, and the favorite of many people. This is due to the diversity of the dishes and the simplicity of the ingredients, in addition to the delicious taste of the dishes, which is admired by many.
With its rich ingredients and delicious baked goods, French cuisine holds a prominent position and is considered one of the best in the world.

9. Chinese cuisine

Chinese cuisine is one of the oldest and most diverse in the world, as well as one of the most influential on Asian and other global cuisine.
Ingredients for Chinese cuisine can be found all over the world.
Each region of China has its own unique flavors, for example, rice is the staple food in southern China and wheat is the staple food in the south.
There is no doubt that Dim Sum is the most popular dish in the eastern and western parts of the globe.

10. Thai keuken

Thai cuisine Thai cuisine is considered one of the leading schools of international culinary arts. Its dishes are among the 5 most famous dishes in the world.

Thai cuisine was created by people who migrated to modern Thailand from the southern Chinese provinces many centuries ago. Historically, there are many Szechuan influences in Thai cuisine, although many other influences have influenced Thai cuisine over the centuries. In ancient times, Buddhist monks brought an Indian touch. Much later, Thai cuisine was influenced by European cuisine after contact with Portuguese and Dutch merchants.
At that time, there were also influences from the Japanese. Today, Thai food is all its own, with its own unique blend of the five flavors:sweet, sour, bitter, salty and spicy.

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