Almost everyone likes to be outside in the garden. But not everyone has green fingers. It is therefore quickly chosen to tile the whole garden, but this is certainly not necessary! You can choose from different artificial grasses to still have a nice green lawn and there are different ways to keep a border nice and green. We’re going to tell you how to create the perfect low-maintenance garden!

The layout of the garden

If you are going to lay out a garden and do not have a green thumb, it is attractive to put in only tiles and no plants. Yet this does not have to be done right away! Nowadays, artificial grass is indistinguishable from real grass. Of course, it does not require any maintenance, but this way you can add greenery and create a safe place for the children to play. In any case, with a lawn made of artificial grass, you are always assured that it will be beautifully green. Also, laying an artificial grass lawn will add some more shape to the garden and therefore also make it look a lot more playful. You can go in many directions and it will make a big difference to how the garden will look!

Watering System

If you want plants in the garden, but want to have as little maintenance on it as possible, then a watering system cannot be missed. This system can be installed in different ways. There are systems where a pipe runs through the border and provides water, but there are also systems where you put sprinklers in the ground in different places. With these systems you can often choose when to turn them on. Some connect to the garden hose. You only have to connect it and turn it on and your whole garden is watered. Nowadays there are also luxury systems that turn on automatically at certain times or that you can control via an app on your phone.

Good tiles

By choosing tiles that do not get dirty easily, you will also save a lot of time here. You can also choose to invest in a root canvas under the tiles so that the chance of weeds growing is also small. In this way, you can ensure that you pretty much don’t have to look at your garden and just enjoy it!