If you are looking for a fun night out in Dutch cities, a visit to the pubs should not be missed. From historic cities like Leiden and Utrecht to modern cities like Rotterdam and Amsterdam, the Netherlands has a wide range of cities with a vibrant pub scene. In this text, we will take you through some of these cities and introduce you to their unique pub scenes.

Leiden:cozy pubs in historic setting

Leiden is known for its historic city center and cozy pubs. Whether you are looking for an old-fashioned brown pub or a trendy cocktail bar, you will find it all in a pub Leiden. The pubs in Leiden have a cozy atmosphere and are often located in centuries-old buildings. For example, visit ‘t Praethuys, a brown café with a long history, or the Nieuwe Morsch, a cozy pub with a large terrace.

Utrecht:cozy pubs and terraces downtown

Utrecht also has a cozy downtown with many pubs and terraces. Go for example to Cafe Olivier, a former church building that has been transformed into a cozy pub with a large beer selection, or to Hofman Café, a popular pub with a large terrace and regular live music. With its cozy streets and canals, Utrecht is a perfect city for an evening of drinks.

Rotterdam:hip pubs with an industrial look

Rotterdam is a city known for its modern architecture and innovative art scene, and this is also reflected in the pub scenes. A pub Rotterdam often has a hip look and are located in old factory buildings or sheds. For example, go to Bokaal, a cozy beer garden with an industrial look, or to the Ballroom, a popular pub with a lively atmosphere.

Amsterdam:from old-fashioned brown cafes to hip cocktail bars

Amsterdam is home to plenty of pubs, from old-fashioned brown cafes to trendy cocktail bars. For example, head to Café ‘t Smalle, one of Amsterdam’s oldest pubs with a cozy waterside terrace, or to Tales &Spirits, a trendy cocktail bar serving delicious cocktails and appetizers. With its vibrant pub scene, Amsterdam is a city where you will always find a pub that suits you.

The Hague:diverse range of pubs

The Hague has a diverse pub scene, from old brown pubs to hip clubs and everything in between. A popular pub in town is Café de Zwarte Ruiter, known for its lively atmosphere and regular live music. Other great spots include Het Magazijn, a hip club in an old warehouse, De Paap, a cozy pub in a historic building, and Café Cremers, best known among students. With its varied offerings, The Hague is perfect for a night out with friends or a cozy drink with colleagues.

Groningen:bustling student pubs and cafes

Groningen is a student city with a vibrant pub scene. For example, head to De Drie Gezusters, a popular multi-level pub with a large terrace, or to Het Pakhuis, a cozy pub with a large assortment of specialty beers. With its lively student pubs and cafes, Groningen is an ideal city for a night out with friends.