Taking out disability insurance (AOV) will soon become mandatory for self-employed workers. This insurance offers protection against loss of income in case of illness, accidents or other situations in which you are unable to work. In this article, we explore the importance of AOV for self-employed workers and show you how to get affordable insurance. We understand that cost is an important consideration, but we’ll also show you that it doesn’t have to be expensive to protect yourself and your income. Find out why having an AOV is invaluable for self-employed workers and learn how to choose the right insurance without losing sight of your finances.

Why get disability insurance?

Disability insurance, AOV, is crucial for self-employed workers because it protects them from the financial consequences of disability. For example, as a self-employed graphic designer, a serious injury could cause you to be unable to work for a long time. Without an AOV, you would have no income to cover your personal and business expenses, possibly resulting in bankruptcy. With an AOV, you receive regular benefits to pay for your ongoing expenses and maintain your lifestyle, so you can focus on your recovery without financial stress. In addition, an AOV can also cover the cost of medical treatment, rehabilitation and workplace modifications so you can get the proper care to return to work. In short, an AOV provides self-employed individuals with the financial protection and peace of mind they need in the event of unexpected disability, allowing them to continue their business and fulfill their obligations, even during difficult times.

Keeping costs down

To obtain good disability insurance without incurring excessive costs, there are some important steps. Start by determining the right coverage based on your specific needs and risks. Then compare multiple insurers and policies to find the best value for money. Also consider group AOVs through industry associations for more favorable rates. Look at the deductible period and consider a longer period to lower the premium. Keep evaluating your AOV regularly and adjust it as needed, such as changes in your financial situation. By following these steps, you can obtain an appropriate AOV that covers your needs while keeping costs in check and having the financial protection you want as a self-employed person.

Take advantage of package discounts

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