Inflation is high. The bad news is that it will remain so for some time to come. Although the European Union is doing all it can to curb inflation, we are not out of this yet. In the new year, incomes have also gone up for many people. Unfortunately, this has also pushed inflation up again. After all, those higher incomes also have to be passed on to consumers. So the ball keeps rolling. Meanwhile, there are many people in the Netherlands who find it difficult to keep costs under control. Where they cannot make ends meet.

There must be another way to do that, right? Yes indeed. Of course we will all feel inflation. But that doesn’t mean we can’t save. For example, look more often in the folder . Are you also finding it difficult lately to cover all expenses? And is this causing an incredible amount of stress? The following tips will help you tackle inflation.

Saving on groceries

Inflation is evident in supermarkets. Where before you could get a full cart for a hundred euros, now it seems to be only half full. On average, we are paying between twenty and fifty euros more each week. A considerable amount, especially for people who were already tight on money before inflation. Therefore, saving on groceries is now more important than ever. But how exactly do you go about it?

First of all, look carefully in the brochure to see what’s on sale this week. Especially at budget supermarkets, such as ALDI, we see that you can save a lot with these offers. By only buying what is on sale, you can easily save dozens of euros. Are there several supermarkets in your area? Then check all the digital folders and compare. Sometimes supermarkets want to compete with each other. This can benefit you a lot as a consumer.

Are you looking for a specific product? Then take a closer look at the selection. Supermarkets usually make sure the most expensive products are at eye level. The cheaper B brands often sit low to the ground. This makes them less likely to be seen. So by literally looking beyond your nose, you can find much cheaper alternatives.

Negotiate with your employer

You may have noticed that new employees are often offered a higher salary than you have. That seems very contradictory, and it is. Someone who has been employed for years and yet gets less than a completely new employee. The advantage, however, is that this means there is bargaining to be done. So do you notice that you really can’t make it through the month? Then don’t hesitate to request an interview with your employer. A salary increase may just be possible.