We sometimes look ahead for weeks to the next Formula One Grand Prix. Snuggled up on the couch with a beer and some nuts while we cheer Max on. What a wonderful feeling. Doesn’t it? You know what’s even better? Getting to experience it all yourself. And no, not from the audience (although that’s great too), but for real! Read on and find out how you can put yourself in the shoes of Max Verstappen, Lewis Hamilton or Michael Schumacher for a day.

De ultieme F1 experience

Will you take on the F1 battle with your friends or colleagues? Experience the ultimate F1 racing experience in Utrecht. Here your boyhood dream comes to life. In a virtual race car you will compete with 19 other drivers. The experience is made as real as possible by different elements:smoke released from the tires, light effects and movements of the seat and matching sounds. It seems as if you are on the circuit of Zandvoort.

What does a race experience look like?

Together with others

You definitely want to share this experience with others. Want to challenge or treat your family, friends or colleagues to this unforgettable outing? Then don’t wait any longer! Despite the competitive behavior that can be felt, sociability is guaranteed. After racing, linger behind the bar and treat yourself and your fellow racers to a cold vase and a brown fruit bowl.

Will you cross the finish line first? Whether you do or not, the race experience is something you won’t soon forget. The next time the Grand Prix is on, you will be able to talk about it even better than before, because now you are the expert!