The days of going out with a separate camera to take casual photos and videos are kind of a thing of the past since smartphones come with good cameras. After all, why carry a camera when you already have a phone with a camera in your pocket that you can use? Just as you can take great photos with the right phone, you can also use your smartphone to take great videos. We give some tips for how to take the best videos with your phone.

Best camera phone

Much, of course, falls and stands with the quality of the cameras on the phone you use. One smartphone is not the other in that area. If you want really good cameras on your phone that are not going to disappoint you, then you quickly end up with a high-end smartphone. So you have to be willing to spend money to be able to use your phone to take great videos by buying the best camera phone, but in doing so, it pays to realize what a great piece of technology you get in return, because it’s obviously more than just a camera or a phone.

Using Gimbal

Many especially more expensive smartphones have optical stabilization. That is, the phone manages to keep images you take from your hand stable within a certain margin. After all, no one can keep their hands and arms completely still, especially during movement. Often that optical stabilization especially when you start moving your camera for dynamics in your images is insufficient to provide nice stable images. Investing in a gimbal for smartphones can help here. This is a device where you clamp your phone into that uses motors to keep the phone stable during movement. This allows you to create nice, smooth movements in your videos. If you don’t want to walk with your phone camera, you can also use a tripod (with a clip for the smartphone) instead of a gimbal.

Setting the correct resolution

Before you start filming, always check the settings. Here you can set things like optical video stabilization and any wind filter (for better sound). You can also set the resolution in which you will be filming. It pays to check it before you start, because it would be a shame if you end up filming in too low a resolution. After all, the higher the resolution, the more detailed the result will be. Most phone cameras these days can film in 4K and some even in 8K. However, the latter resolution is still suitable for few displays, which means you can do less with the images. Are you going to edit your images on the computer? The higher the resolution, the more room you have to crop the footage in order to achieve a good final resolution (Full HD or 4K).

Furthermore, it is important to think about what medium you are making your video for. If you want to be able to play it on a computer or television, make sure you film with your phone horizontal for widescreen image. If you are filming for Instagram or Tiktok, keep your phone vertical, since these videos are viewed on smartphones.