According to the Myers Briggs personality test, the INFJ means someone with the introverted, intuitive, feeling, judgmental personality type. What is INFJ?

The I in INFJ stands for introvert, which refers to someone who prefers minimally stimulating environments and has a reserved personality.

The N in INFJ represents someone with an intuitive personality. People with INFJ personality traits rely mostly on their imagination and create their world based on past and present experiences.

The F in INFJ represents someone who focuses more on their feelings. These INFJ signs mean they make decisions with their heart and rely less on logic.

The J in INFJ represents the judgmental personality. People with these INFJ traits tend to stick to routines rather than being spontaneous.

Although there are other rare personality types, INFJ facts show that this in particular is the rarest personality type in the world, accounting for 1.5 percent of the entire world population.

It can be difficult for an INFJ to belong because they will rarely find people like themselves with whom they can identify (INFJ rarity).

Here is a detailed look at the cognitive functions of INFJ, to know how the brains of INFJs work and what makes an INFJ rare.

What are the INFJ types?

We cannot define INFJ without talking about its different types –INFJ-A &INFJ-T, which are the Assertive Proponent (INFJ-A) and the Turbulent Proponent (INFJ-T).

These types are more similar than different. However, we can use a few characteristic traits to distinguish them. INFJ-A people are more relaxed, while INFJ-T people tend to be more sensitive.

The general INFJ definition includes these two characters, and you can be any of them.

Below are 25 traits of the INFJ personality type.

25 Signs that you are an INFJ

1. You enjoy planning your day.

The J in the INFJ personality type represents the judgmental trait. This term represents how they plan and deal with the options they have. INFJs prefer a degree of certainty, which is why they like to plan their days.

Spontaneity often makes them overwhelmed, which is why they try to finish all their tasks before starting new ones. People with an INFJ character tend to be less flexible, but always have the determination to finish what they start.

2. You are caring and compassionate.

One of the most prominent INFJ signs is a caring and compassionate nature. This forms their advocate personality because they naturally care for everyone around them.

It is one of the rarest character traits because it portrays a deep sense of selflessness. If you find yourself constantly striving to make those around you happy, even in the smallest ways, you may be an INFJ.

3. You are more or less a perfectionist.

Advocate 16 personalities are known for their sense of perfection. They crave order and handle situations appropriately. If you want to answer the question “Am I really an INFJ?”observe how you feel when things are disorganized or poorly planned.

Do you feel uncomfortable, with an urge to try to fix things? If so, you may be an INFJ. Such INFJ traits make INFJ people stand out from the crowd because they always know how to get things done.

4. You are highly empathetic.

Empathy comes from an extreme sense of compassion, which is unique to INFJ personality traits. Before you can say, “I am an INFJ,”you must have a deep sense of empathy.

Do you easily sense when someone is feeling down? Can you put yourself in someone else’s shoes? If so, you may have this personality type. You are naturally a caring person, and this helps you build great relationships with others.

5. You’re pretty insightful.

One of the most prominent INFJ characters is deep knowledge of various subjects. These individuals tend to think intricately, giving them deep insight into issues.

Superficial topics rarely excite this set of people, as they strive to understand complex subjects. Things like life on earth and beyond, finding true love, or the subject of spirituality can excite the INFJ rarest personality type. If you have these INFJ traits, you may be an INFJ.

6. You are sensitive.

Another thing to know about INFJ people is that they have a soft spot. Because of their empathetic nature, they often care too much about themselves, to the point of becoming sensitive.

It can also make them people-pleasers, which has advantages and disadvantages. They try to make others happy, but if people don’t appreciate it, they can get hurt. If you have this personality type, you will also notice how often you overthink situations, which is a preferred trait.

7. You set high standards.

The INFJ introvert may live a simple life, but undoubtedly has high standards. He/she has an eye for stylish things, and would rather have two nice items than ten mediocre ones.

These INFJ traits also influence every aspect of the INFJ’s life. In their friendships, romantic relationships and views on life, they prefer to go for the best or have nothing at all. It is an easy way to know that you have the Lawyer Myers Briggs personality.

8. You feel you are destined for more.

The best “Am I an INFJ personality test,”is hidden in these individuals’quest for purpose. INFJ people naturally have the drive to achieve something more than the ordinary.

They would rather break out of the norms than merely fit into them. Even if no one understands or accepts their views, they would rather choose to stay true to themselves than please others as a result. This idea also forms the “Do what you are INFJ”phrase.

9. You usually get unwanted attention.

If you are an INFJ there is one thing you will have to deal with anyway, and that is unwanted attention. Because INFJ is the rarest personality type, that rarity yields many attractive qualities. This is mainly because of the way people with INFJ traits stand out from the crowd.

Their insightful and compassionate nature also tends to draw others to their personality. People naturally want to be close to INFJ people because of their intriguing aura. However, the INFJ aura can be overwhelming to other personalities.

10. You care what others think of you.

INFJs tend to be more involved in the lives of others than they realize. Although they have an introverted personality and prioritize time alone, they tend to get involved in other people’s affairs by trying to bring them joy and solve their problems.

This process can cause them to worry about what certain people think of them. People with INFJ traits strive to impress, which triggers their sensitivity if they do not meet certain expectations.

11. You are more value-driven than profit-driven.

Are you an INFJ? A brilliant way to know that you are an INFJ is to look at how you think in critical situations. Do you focus more on the profit an activity brings or the value it brings others?

Getting more involved in the latter shows that you do indeed have this rare personality. You would not engage in anything that looks shady or goes against your values just to take advantage of it.

12. You have deep principles.

Important INFJ characteristics can be categorized with deep authenticity. This concept means that INFJ people stay true to who they are, no matter where they are. They usually have concrete beliefs and a sense of deep spirituality, which builds on their principled lifestyle.

People with INFJ traits prefer to conform to morally accepted behavior rather than deviant behavior, and prefer to choose good over evil. If you find yourself sticking to certain standards you set for yourself rather than following the crowd, you may be an INFJ.

13. You think beyond the ordinary.

Another prominent characteristic of the introverted INFJ is their deep thinking process. They do not see things the way ordinary people do. There is always an edge to everything their mind catches.

Complex topics such as philosophy, religion and life in general excite people with the INFJ personality. This lifestyle also contributes to their principled lifestyle. Before people with INFJ traits embark on a journey, they think about the possible causes, and how things might affect others.

14. You prefer deep, authentic relationships.

The best introvert test INFJ is hidden in how these individuals relate to and build relationships with others. You can say, “I am INFJ,”if you abhor superficiality. You would rather have a few authentic friends than many irrelevant acquaintances.

This understanding does not mean that people with an INFJ character are cold and unattractive. They interact warmly and sincerely, but are more attuned to those who understand and appreciate them.

15. You are not afraid to cut off bad relationships.

One of the prominent signs that you are an INFJ is when you are not afraid to cut off toxic relationships. This process is otherwise referred to as the door slam.

People may refer to this trait as the dark side of the proponent INFJ. However, it is a courageous step that all individuals must take at some point in their lives. INFJs understand the need to distance themselves from those who repeatedly hurt them or mess with their peace of mind.

16. Sometimes you care more for others than for yourself.

The empathetic nature of the rarest personality type can often become a weakness. When they care too much about the welfare of others, they sometimes forget about themselves.

Advocates often experience burnout sooner than others because they find that they are meeting more of the demands of others than they can handle. If you can relate to this experience, you undoubtedly fit the INFJ description.

17. You have little tolerance for disagreeable views and behaviors.

INFJ individuals are driven by their principles and standards of living. They strive for morality, so they often do not welcome opposing views and behaviors.

If you can barely relate or bond with people of other perspectives, you may be an INFJ. But INFJs ironically can still find deep, authentic friendships in unexpected places, even with those with whom they have nothing in common. It all depends on value.

18. You are extremely passionate about your goals.

The goal-oriented lifestyle of INFJ individuals is somewhat infectious. They are extremely passionate, and it shows in their daily associations. Regardless of what the world thinks, they go for what they love without fear of failure.

If you believe you have something unique to offer the world and are constantly pushing to achieve that goal, then you have the INFJ personality type.

19. You try to solve everyone’s problems.

One of the most common INFJ traits is a quest to solve other people’s problems. People with INFJ traits are often uncomfortable with the hardships of others and try as much as possible to make the world a better place for people.

They can see helping people as their purpose in life. An INFJ always has a plan to solve any challenge. However, this process can be extremely stressful, especially if the challenge is too complex to solve.

20. You are self-sacrificing.

Advocates strive to put a smile on the face of others. As a result, they have a selfless lifestyle. They may not recognize this trait because they rarely do it for personal gain. People with an INFJ character only want to make others happy.

If you find yourself sacrificing more than you hope to receive from others, then you definitely have the INFJ personality type. You are constantly thinking about the welfare of others, even if you don’t realize it.

21. You live a private life.

INFJs value transparency in their relationships, but tend to live a private life. They rarely open up about their difficulties because they do not want to burden others with them.

These individuals feel the need to solve their challenges on their own, which can sometimes cause a rift in their associations. If you can relate to the desire for a private life, then you fit the INFJ description. You choose what to share with others and prefer to handle delicate matters on your own.

22. You trust your intuition.

INFJs are often guided by their heart when interacting with the world around them. Their outlook on life, people and how to handle things is often based on past experiences and their objective view of situations.

They rarely think theoretically or how everyone else would. People with an INFJ character have a deep sense of reasoning that separates them from the masses and makes them extremely driven. If you often go by your instincts, you may be the INFJ type.

23. You often feel overwhelmed.

INFJ people are known for their selfless nature. They meet people’s demands more than any other personality type and are naturally empathetic. However, this process can sometimes be overwhelming for INFJs.

They treat other people’s problems as their own, so they sometimes get burned out faster than they imagined. Therefore, feeling overwhelmed is a condition they are sure to encounter. If you sometimes find it difficult to handle stress and are overburdened by the tasks you have to accomplish, you may be an advocate.

24. You are a great counselor/advisor.

The insightful nature of advocates contributes to their problem-solving skills. They naturally see themselves giving great advice to others. Their prior knowledge of various issues about life helps them make sound judgments at critical times.

When other people usually ask you for advice and are often happy with it, it shows that you have the INFJ personality. You are good at making clear judgments while considering all parties involved.

25. You are naturally introverted.

If you are asking yourself, “Am I INFJ?”, the first way to know is to ask yourself if you are introverted. The INFJ personality type is associated with a high degree of calmness.

People with INFJ traits prefer minimally stimulating environments, and would rather spend time with the right people than with strangers. Therefore, if you find that you prioritize your time alone, you may be an INFJ.


What is INFJ?

The significance of the INFJ personality is hidden in their interactions with others. Those who have a reserved but warm and authentic way of communicating are often INFJ people. More than that, they have deep principles, high standards, and are extremely passionate about their goals.

Am I an INFJ?

Are you an INFJ? The best way to know is to take an Am I an INFJ quiz. Alternatively, you can go through the 21-plus signs listed in this article. If you discover that you are insightful, sensitive, and feel destined for more, you may have the INFJ personality.

What are INFJs like?

Pleaders are perhaps the sweetest bunch of people you will meet. They have a reserved personality, but are also warm and affectionate. They genuinely support you and care for you more than you will expect. Their selfless spirit is indeed hard to find.

What does INFJ stand for?

The INFJ definition is someone with introverted, intuitive, feeling and judgmental personality traits. The personality type is rare and categorized with high empathy, compassion and a purposeful lifestyle. INFJ people care about the world around them and strive to make it a better place.

How do you know if you are an INFJ?

INFJs have rare personalities that make them stand out from the crowd. You can easily know you are one if you tend to care more for others than for yourself. You treat other people’s problems as your own and prefer certainty to spontaneity.