If you are looking for ways to improve your life but find it overwhelming or don’t know where to start, I recommend starting with small changes.

These changes can lead to good habits, new daily routines and an overall sense of satisfaction and enjoyment.

Best of all, these changes are simple little things that don’t seem to take much effort, but over time can lead to big, positive changes.

When we talk about simple ways to improve your life, there are so many benefits:

  • Improved mental health because you are focused on positive growth
  • You can focus on introducing new positive habits, taking time away from bad habits
  • You create an attitude of gratitude in your life
  • You feel a sense of control over your future and the path you take
  • Daily life will feel more fulfilled with more inner peace and happiness
  • It will be easier to step out of your comfort zone
  • You will notice a positive impact on the quality of your life

Creating small changes in your life can eventually lead to big things –and the list below is a good representation of that.

You’ll find:

  • New habits to try
  • Hacks that make life easier
  • Ways to change your mindset
  • Simple ways to get healthier

Ways to improve your life at home

1. Make a one-pot meal on Sunday (or 2 if you can)

2. Get to know your neighbors

3. Always pick up something on the way to the kitchen

4. Plant spring bulbs in the fall

5. Have a go-to meal for guests –this reduces the time spent figuring out what to make

6. Always have ice on hand –you never know when you might feel like a refreshing drink

7. Make your bed

8. Plant some herbs –inside in a small pot on the windowsill or outside if you have space

9. Clean up 10 minutes every night before you go to bed

10. Follow the one in one out rule –buy one thing, get rid of another

11. Create a ritual for making tea or coffee and spend 5 minutes just enjoying it

12. Get to know your neighborhood

13. Drink Saturday morning coffee outside –you can even wrap up if it’s cold

14. Buy wrinkle-free clothes –ironing is so old-fashioned

15. Eat leftovers for dinner (at least) once a week

16. Take care of paper clutter every week –shred, recycle or file

17. Wash your sheets every week

Ways to improve your life in your relationships

18. Talk to people you don’t know

19. Say “I love you”to yourself

20. Call people you love

21. Practice saying no, especially to toxic people in your life

22. Always bring a snack with you –you never know when you need to eat something healthy

23. Listen to the stories of the elderly

24. Call a friend when you’re feeling down

25. Send physical thank-you bills (or think of you).

26. Make a new friend

27. Look for the good in others –especially in people with whom you have a difficult relationship

28. Contact an old friend you’ve been thinking about

29. Compliment your spouse

30. Organize a monthly gathering with friends –book club, brunch, dinner

31. Stay in touch with family members who are important to you

32. Share food with a friend or neighbor

33. Don’t hold grudges –they end up hurting you more

34. Schedule time with your family to do fun things –board games, exercise, hiking, camping, dance party in the living room

35. Be a good listener

Ways to improve your life with healthy living

36. Stretch in the morning when you wake up and before you go to bed

37. Drink a large glass of water first thing in the morning

38. Eat vegetables –try to eat 4 to 5 servings a day, which will help you have a more balanced diet.

39. Learn some deep breathing techniques

40. Dut on weekends

41. Eat more plant-based or even try a vegan lifestyle

42. Prioritize good sleep habits –aim for 8 to 9 hours per night

43. Eliminate junk food from your regular eating habits and save it for one-time treats

44. Move your body every day –go hiking, biking, do yoga, hop, swim, play with your kids

45. Go to bed at the same time every night to improve your sleep routine and reduce sleep deprivation

46. Engage in regular exercise

47. Get fresh air every day

48. Take a lunch break every day –even if you are busy, make time to walk away from work for a while

49. Try guided meditation with an app such as Headspace

Ways to improve your life with personal growth

50. Quality over quantity

51. Just do it –whatever you’ve been meaning to try, do it

52. Use a gratitude journal to appreciate the little things in life

53. Give yourself flowers as a gift

54. Follow your heart in everything you do

55. Love yourself –always

56. Take time for reflection at the end of each year –you can use these questions as a guide

57. Sing in the shower, while cooking, in the car

58. Don’t live to work –work to live

59. Embrace change, even when it feels uncomfortable

60. Wear only clothes you feel good in –the rest you can donate

61. Learn something new –think about a new skill you could learn

62. Add positive affirmations to your morning routine

63. Be curious in life –this helps to try new things

64. In negative situations, try to take positive action

65. Do something every day that feels fun –dance to music in your kitchen, watch a funny video, plan for the future, take an online course

66. Make a goal for yourself using this SMART goals worksheet

67. Set aside time each week for a hobby you love or a new hobby you want to try

68. Stand up for what you believe in

69. Listen to upbeat nostalgic music

70. Take a risk once in a while

71. Listen to your inner voice and follow your intuition

72. Keep a notebook next to your bed –perfect if there is a lot going through your head at night.

73. Be inspired by successful people around you

74. Read more –the pages of a book offer so much –hope, inspiration, knowledge, strength and creativity

75. Set aside time each week for a little self-care

76. Reward yourself when you achieve a goal

77. Make time for the little things that are important to you

78. Celebrate your victories –we spend so much time on the next thing –instead cherish and rejoice in what you have accomplished

79. Eat your lunch outside when the weather is nice

80. Look for joy every day –this resolution will help you find it

Ways to improve your life with good financial and productivity habits

81. Tracking your screentime on your phone –then try to do a little less each week

82. Do your taxes early

83. Don’t look at your phone 30 minutes before bedtime

84. Set up a monthly automatic savings account

85. Keep track of your brilliant ideas –you can use Trello, a spreadsheet or my friend’s brilliant ideas list template.

86. Improve your time management skills with the Pomodoro Technique

87. Never fly home on Sunday –it makes Monday mornings a lot harder

88. Spend less time on social media –avoid making it your go-to when you are bored

89. Organize a drawer in your closet every week

90. Don’t make your to-do list too full –a long list can lead to overwhelm making it harder to finish the items

91. If you have credit card debt, make a plan to eliminate it.

92. Use a timer to stay focused on tasks –during the allotted time, do only that one task

93. Keep cards on hand for all occasions –that way you are always prepared for a birthday or event

94. Set recurring reminders (on your phone) for things that happen often –e.g. recipe renewals, weekly dance class, etc.

95. Delegate tasks whenever possible –to your child, spouse or even outsource if you can

96. Put things away immediately –this prevents an accumulation of clutter that is overwhelming

97. Make a to-do list at the end of your day to prepare for the next day

98. Complete your most important tasks at the beginning of your workday

99. Focus on single-tasking, not multi-tasking

100. Don’t commit too much


Small, positive changes can lead to a better life and allow you to be the best version of yourself, for yourself.

As you go through this list of ways to improve your life, consider what is the most important thing you can try today to create a life you truly love.

Also know that this is a journey and this list only gives you ideas that you can try out. If something is not working for you, try something new.

You will find that good things come when you focus on taking small steps to improve your life.