Are you in the process of choosing a new coffee table? Sometimes that can be quite difficult. There is so much choice that sometimes you can’t see the wood for the trees. What size should the table be, what height, do you go for one big table or for several small tables? In this blog we want to give you some ideas and inspiration for when you want to buy a coffee table.

The shape

When you are looking at which coffee table will suit you well, you will want to think about the shape before you make a purchase. Most commonly used shapes are a rectangular or a round coffee table, but a square is also common. Do you already have a sofa, or do you already know the dimensions of the sofa you are going to buy? Then you can take into account the dimensions and the space that remains. Of course, you want to have enough space left over to be able to walk around. A round table generally gives the most play space and is easiest to move around.

The material

If you have decided what shape the coffee table should be then it is time to think about what material you want a coffee table made of. Commonly used materials include wood, metal or glass. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, a table made of metal is very sturdy but also quite heavy, making it difficult to move. A table made of glass, on the other hand, is a lot lighter, but can get damaged more easily.


In most cases, a coffee table will be placed in the living room. But how much space do you have available for the coffee table? That’s a good thing to measure before buying a table. You want to make sure there is about 40 inches between the table and the sofa and/or chairs, so you keep enough room to walk around the table. For example, if you have another armchair, kitchen chairs because it’s a dining and living room, or nice decorations, make sure you leave enough space between them. In addition, you want to make sure that the coffee table is no more than 10 inches higher or lower than the sofa and/or chairs that accompany it.


Depending on the shape of the table, it is also sometimes possible to create additional storage space with a coffee table. For example, there may be a drawer attached to the bottom of the table where you can store small items such as a remote control. That way, you can reserve less storage space elsewhere, for example.