When economic times are tougher –and they seem to be these days –the first saving tip often given is to skimp on subscriptions. By many budget coaches, this is seen as the big bad when it comes to getting your budget in order. But is this actually the case? And are there subscriptions that are indeed a good idea? Read on quickly.

Always accessible

The people who do not have a smartphone today are very few and far between. We make a lot of phone calls, send e-mails, send phone calls and hold meetings on these little devices. So a subscription to your smartphone is always a good idea these days. But this good idea depends on choosing a good deal. For this you do not need to look directly at the cheaper phones, the iPhone 14 with cheap subscription is even shortly after its launch already inexpensive to conclude. What you get in return? Think of the latest innovations in photography, a long battery life and even a satellite function for when you are in impassable territory. Lock it up!

In shape

The gym membership is also often one that is mentioned first when it comes to cutting back. But this is not always a good idea. With so much working from home, we sit more than ever. Forcing yourself to get some exercise once in a while is a very good idea. If you don’t have a subscription or another “big stick”, it will quickly wear off. However, always choose a form that suits you. You can consider a subscription that allows you to work out once a week with a personal trainer. Before you know it, you will be hooked on the gym and thus this investment will be one in your health.

Busy, busy, busy

Following on from that is another step you can take where health is concerned. Subscribing to a meal box, and of course a healthy one at that, is also a good idea today. It specifically helps you on your way to eating healthy and often there are competitive deals and offers available. A meal box subscription can be tailored to your needs, from lots of protein for the strength athlete to lots of carbs for the marathon runner. An expense that again benefits your health as well.

In short, obviously you should cancel those unused subscriptions to your newspapers and weeklies immediately. But there are also subscriptions that it is often advised against taking out but which still provide an improvement. These are well worth your money, and so disregard this well-meaning advice and go with your own intuition. In such a case, a subscription is often cheaper than a single investment.