Not every bride is a bridezilla and not every groom finds planning a wedding ceremony a tedious chore. Some men are even better at planning such things than their new wives and already have the wedding suits from Bridal Corner ready to go. We will see this trend more and more in 2020. In this article you will find a guide, which groomsmen can use for planning their wedding so that they can make the event truly unforgettable for their bride.

Guide for grooms for wedding planning

Here are some tips and challenges to help men plan their own weddings.

1. Follow the 80/20 rule

You need to know the 80/20 rule well. This is the concept that 80% of the cost of the wedding comes from 20% of your decisions.

You must team up with your fiancé to put together the perfect 20%.

To achieve the right mix, base your decisions on these three points:

  1. Guest list –both you and your bride-to-be must decide who you will and will not invite to the wedding. You should also rank friends in case you need to narrow down your guest list.
  2. Date –make sure the wedding date does not coincide with major holidays, such as in March around the World Series or other events that may prevent your guests from attending.
  3. Menu –Will you serve simple appetizers or will it be a formal affair with all the trimmings?

The venue is the biggest expense. Always ask if you can bring your own drinks, use your own caterer, and make arrangements for cleaning up and wrapping wedding gifts.

2. Create a team of people around you

Now is the time to choose your best man and groomsmen. You can think about your best friends, men in your family or in the family of your bride-to-be. As a groom, you should think of the following:make sure your groomsmen know they are part of your team.

These men will act as your team members. They are your best sources for ideas, they can help with shopping, give you advice and literally keep you sane. This is a very important part of the groomsmen’s guide.

3. Choose the right music for the wedding

Music is an important part of any occasion and this is especially true for a wedding. It will make or break the party mood. When planning your wedding, make sure you give the DJ a “must-play”and a “non-play”list. Of course, this depends on your and your bride’s tastes and styles.

4. Make a gift list

Not having a gift list can have serious consequences when your wife discovers that there will be no personalized gifts. You may run the risk of getting teacups, extra sets of towels or gravy spoons that she really hates. Better to think about a photo book to store the memories nicely.

5. Write your own wedding vows

If she asks you to, be prepared to write your own wedding vows. Be honest, use the right words and focus on the following three points:

  • Forever –How long you hope your love and marriage will last.
  • Wed –Your promise and commitment to her as her spouse.
  • Infatuation –Tell her how in love you are and will fall in love again and again.

6. Get in shape for your wedding suit

Make sure you are in perfect shape so you look good in your tuxedo or other suit. You will be photographed more on this day than just about any other day in your life.

Follow the following rules to find a tuxedo that looks good on you:

  1. Get a good tailor
  2. Go for timeless instead of trendy
  3. Skip that belly band
  4. Choose quiet colors
  5. Avoid creases
  6. Opt for a simple board
  7. See if you want to wear a bow tie or a tie

Looking for a beautiful wedding suit for men? Then fortunately you can find plenty of options on the Internet, such as Bridal Corner Bridal Fashion for example. They offer beautiful wedding suits of high quality.

7. Plan your honeymoon

Our guide for groomsmen has thought of this too…You need to take the lead in planning the trip. Planning the honeymoon is a lot easier than planning the wedding itself. After all, since all you have to consider is yourself and your new bride, this should be a breeze.

Book the honeymoon far in advance. This is the only way to save costs and hit a great destination.

8. Buy gifts for your groomsmen

It is customary for the groom to buy gifts for the best man and groomsmen as well. Give them something special that they probably don’t already have. For example:

  • Pocket knives
  • Cufflinks
  • Golf gadgets
  • Weekend bag
  • Pearl cufflinks

Other things, you should know

One of the main reasons why men should plan their own weddings is that it reduces the chances, that their wife-to-be will become a bridezilla. If you want to prevent her from losing her composure and the day might fall apart, you should use this guide. Never interfere with the following points:

  1. Her wedding dress
  2. The wedding invitations
  3. The bridesmaids’dresses
  4. The bridal bouquet and flowers
  5. The wedding cake (you are only needed to taste, not decide)

Our tip to be extra in-tune with your bride-to-be

These are things you should do for her when she is stressed to make sure the bridezilla does not come out in her:

  1. Surprise her with a massage, flowers or dinner
  2. Practice the first dance with her
  3. Be a buffer between your love and anyone who disrupts the wedding preparations and causes her stress
  4. Purchase in advance a wedding gift that means something special to both of you or is symbolic of your time together.